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Burn calories in the comfort of your own home!


No time to hit the gym? Allergic to sweaty, iron-pumping muscle men? Don’t want others to see the faces and hear the sounds you make as you’re pushing through that last rep? Simply a creature of convenience? I got you.

Exercising at home is an easy choice to make. The question is, what do you do? This is the tough part, figuring it all out. Especially when you have limited space or equipment. I have provided you with a variety of exercises below which you can do from the comfort of your home. Whether you have a room full of dumbbells or nothing but your body and high spirits, this one’s for you.

Bodyweight exercises

It can be tough to challenge yourself physically without added resistance to build strength and burn calories. Way to counter this? Circuit training. Alternating between certain bodyweight activities that will make your heart race and others that build your strength and endurance level while making you realize muscles you never thought you had will leave you dripping with sweat and burning those stubborn calories and fat.

Sample bodyweight exercise

Windmills – Swing your arms to touch your toes with alternating hands while standing.
High knee crunches – Twist your torso so your elbow meets your knee. Alternate directions.
Mountain climbers – Start in a push-up position. Bring one knee to your elbow on the same side. Alternate your knees. Perform this movement as fast as you can.
Sumo Squats – Have your feet pointed out wider than shoulder-width apart. Hinge back to lower your hips so your thighs are parallel to the ground. Come back to the starting position and repeat.
Inchworm – Feet together, crawl out using your hands till you are in a push up position. Crawl back into the squat, stand up.
Knee up – Step up on a stable chair or bench. And back down. Alternate legs.
Power Squats – Starting in a squat position, jump up into the air with your hands and feet up, clapping them together. Come back down and keep going.
Push-ups – Go on your knees or toes for this one, depending on your strength and fitness level. Keep your glutes and abs tight as you lower your chest to the ground and up.
Walking Lunges – Place one leg forward and lower your back knee all the way down till it’s not more than an inch off the ground. Kick back up from the heel of your front leg and place your other leg in front. Repeat.
Jumping jacks – You know this one. Your regular ol’ jumping jacks.
Leg raise – Lie flat on the ground. Place your hands beneath your lower back to support it and slowly lift your legs straight up till they form a 45-degree angle with your body. Bring it down slowly till it’s almost touching the ground and repeat the movement. Try not to let your legs rest completely.

Whether you’re just starting out or feel like you’ve reached a plateau, here are some tips you could use in bodyweight training:

1)  Choose 10 different exercises. Alternate between endurance, compound, and strength-based exercises and quicker-paced, high-intensity ones.
2)  If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, perform each exercise for 30 seconds or 12 reps, with a 30-second rest in between each. If you’re more advanced, set the timer to 45 seconds to a minute or go for 20 or more reps, then rest for 10-15 seconds in between.
3)  Begin with one set if you’re just starting out or are really short on time (something is better than nothing, right?). Go for 2-3 sets to challenge your fitness level and stamina.
4)  Turn on some music and groove through the routine – your workout just got a whole lot more fun! Feel free to move to the beat, so don’t choose something too slow-paced.
5)  Hire a personal trainer. This would make your life a lot easier. It takes the mental stress of planning out of the picture and forces you to be accountable to someone other than yourself (so no cheating!).
If you’re still unsure of where to begin or simply rather have a professional fitness guru guide you along and show you exactly what to do for your body type to meet your goals, you’re just one phone call away.
Don’t let your hectic lifestyle and lack of time get in the way of your physical health and fitness goals. With the convenience of exercising in the privacy of your own home on days, you don’t have time to hit the gym, there’s simply no excuse that’s worth it. Make time for yourself, to be the best version of yourself.
If you’re interested in working with me 1-on-1 for a customized plan tailored to your goals and needs, or even if you’d just like to chat, drop me a message for more information on coaching or anything else you’d like to know. I’d love to know more about you too!

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