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ExpatSG Moderators / Editors / Admins Tutorial

Thank you for joining the Biggest & Most Vibrant Expat Community in Singapore by helping moderating a group as well as your country men.

We strictly believe that as more we know about each other’s cultures & traditions, as easier it is to live together peacefully.

Here a quick tutorial for the available roles..


All About Singapore
Expats in Singapore
Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Singapore
Bundesliga in Singapore
Business in Singapore
Changi Village Singapore
Christmas in Singapore
Comedy in Singapore
Dancing in Singapore
DJ Events in Singapore
Father’s Day in Singapore
Fitness in Singapore
Golf in Singapore
Halloween in Singapore
Happy Hour in Singapore
Hip Hop in Singapore
House Managers – Helpers in Singapore
Ladies Night in Singapore
Live in Singapore
Lunar New Year in Singapore
Lunch in Singapore
Mother’s Day in Singapore
Night Clubs in Singapore
Oktoberfest in Singapore
Rugby in Singapore
Urban Farming – Grow organic food at home
Valentines Day in Singapore
Yoga in Singapore

Moderator of a Theme Group

Choose one or more groups of your interest where you think you can contribute best, have experience or simply a related hobby.
Asia Travel Guide
All About Singapore
Arts & Culture
Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
House Managers
Sports & Recreation
Vegetarian & Vegan Food
You can choose more groups, get a moderator in the groups you are very interested in and contribute with related content such as posts, events, videos etc.
Available roles for Theme groups:
As a Moderator you can see posts submitted by members, please approve the posts which fits the group subject.
Please do NOT delete posts which are not fitting into the group, as you will be a moderator in one or just a few groups, we can as a moderator in 100+ groups ban spammers across up to 130+ groups with a single click.
Please do NOT approve any member requests, as we are a moderator in 100+ groups, we can easily detect spammers we already banned from other groups.

This will safe time for each of our moderators as they won’t be able to spam any other group we moderate.
As a moderator just approve posts you see fit to the group subject, help grow the group and share group related content. Help related businesses find the group and help them bring their posts online.
In the Sports & Fitness Group, every article/event about this subject can be approved, businesses are allowed to share their content, events, offers, as long it is related to the group subject.
A fitnesses studio fan page or their employees’ profile  can share their offer in the group, if you see fit in any other group (fitness event for kids will also fit into the children group and/or family group, also in the Event Group and the General All About Singapore Group.
No worries if you are unsure, we will monitor your activities.

Post Pre-approval
If you just want to contribute with useful content to a group, or want to be a moderator of one group but be able to share content to other groups, we can give your profile pre-approval in the relevant groups and your content will go online immediately without any admin’s approval.

Moderator of an Expat Group

Choose the group of your home country and approve content, help your fellow country men find the group and bring their events and offers online.
African Expats in Singapore
AmericanExpats in Singapore
ArgentinianExpats in Singapore
ArmenianExpats in Singapore
AustralianExpats in Singapore
AustrianExpats in Singapore
BangladeshiExpats in Singapore
BelgianExpats in Singapore
BrazilianExpats in Singapore
BritishExpats in Singapore
BulgarianExpats in Singapore
Cambodian Expats in Singapore
Canadian Expats in Singapore
Chilean Expats in Singapore
Chinese Expats in Singapore
Colombian Expats in Singapore
Costa Rican Expats in Singapore
Cuban Expats in Singapore
Dutch Expats in Singapore
European Expats in Singapore
Filipino Expats in Singapore
French Expats in Singapore
German Expats in Singapore
Greek Expats in Singapore
Hungarian Expats in Singapore
Indian Expats in Singapore
Indonesian Expats in Singapore
Irish Expats in Singapore
Israeli Expats in Singapore
Italian Expats in Singapore
Japanese Expats in Singapore
Korean Expats in Singapore
Latin American Expats in Singapore
Malaysian Expats in Singapore
Mexican Expats in Singapore
Myanmar Expats in Singapore
Nepalese Expats in Singapore
New Zealand Expats in Singapore
Pakistani Expats in Singapore
Panamanian Expats in Singapore
Peruvian Expats in Singapore
Polish Expats in Singapore
Portuguese Expats in Singapore
Romanian Expats in Singapore
Russian Expats in Singapore
Scandinavian Expats in Singapore
Spanish Expats in Singapore
Sri Lankan Expats in Singapore
Swiss Expats in Singapore
Taiwanese Expats in Singapore
Thai Expats in Singapore
Turkish Expats in Singapore
Ukrainian Expats in Singapore
Venezuelan Expats in Singapore
Vietnamese Expats in Singapore
Event organizers
Organize events for expats & locals, suitable to the theme/country group with access to our platforms like Facebook & MeetUp. We provide locations giving attendees discount on food & beverages.
We would like to organise events at the related venues, but due to organisational & logistic matters, we will stick to one location first. This also makes sense as we want to bring locals & expats from all over the world together. (An event from several country groups can take place at the same time at the same outlet).
one or more groups of your interest where you think you can contribute best, have experience or simply a related hobby.
Become a moderator of a fan page, theme group or your home country, approve group title-related posts and share title related content, i.e. about your country’s culture & tradition, your events, public holidays, food & beverages.
Editor of a Fan Page
Be in touch with your country’s embassy, official associations, restaurants & businesses to help them getting free access to the relevant platforms and enjoy access & pre-approval of your posts on most of our platforms.
Also, represent ExpatSG at official events and coordinate with Event organizers, moderators & editors.

What kind of access will you get?

Depending on your role, you will either get a an editor on one or more fan pages, a moderator in a group or your profile enjoys pre-approval in the relevant group.

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