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Hassle Free Hair Tips For That Post Workout Hair Glow Up

If your New Years Resolution was to take your exercise levels up a notch, you’ve most likely been hitting the gym or pounding the pavement to shed those post-Christmas kilos!

Hassle Free Hair Tips For That Post Workout Hair Glow Up

Unfortunately, though, great hair and a sweaty workout don’t always go well together. Fear not, these simple hair hacks pre and post-workout from the professionals at the Hairdreams Couture salon here in Sg will leave you with healthy, cool-girl hair, regardless of the amount of time you spend exercising every day.


Apply dry shampoo to the hair.

Giving your hair a quick spritz before you exercise helps to create a barrier on your scalp that helps absorb sweat and oil. It also keeps your hair looking clean and smelling fresh as a daisy.

Apply a treatment.                                        

An easy way to kill two birds with one stone is to apply a hair mask that will improve the condition of your hair while you are burning those calories! Plan this for the days you will be washing your hair after your workout.  Simply apply the mask and fix your hair with a braid. This will keep your hair slicked back in place and off your face. This is also the best way you can wear your hair while you are swimming. The mask acts as a barrier, protecting the hair from chlorinated water. Just remember to shampoo and condition afterwards!

 It’s all in the hair tie.                                            

Pulling your hair off your face and neck is the best way to prepare your hair for a workout. Snag-free, elastic hair ties are best. These don’t leave dents or lines in the hair or worse still – breakage. Plastic ribboned ties like the Invisibobble make for styling perfection as they are designed to sit more loosely yet securely to the hair. They hold all of your hair back, leaving no trace of a hairband line or crease on the hair. Better still this clever design supports the weight of the hair evenly, eliminating the chance of breakage or even headaches!
It’s about the hairstyle. Believe it or not, the way you wear your hair when working out makes a huge difference. Wearing your hair down or repeatedly wearing a tight ponytail makes your hair more prone to damage. Instead, opting for a loose top knot or low ponytail for low-medium impact exercise keeps hair off your face, neck and scalp. When you start to sweat if the hair is pulled back softly it won’t plaster your hair to your head as easily. A braid or plait is ideal for a  high impact workout or when you are swimming as it keeps your hair intact and away from your face. 

Don’t forget to accessorize. 

Never underestimate the power of a sweatband/headband. These beauties absorb perspiration along the hairline while you exercise which is particularly helpful for curly hair as it reduces frizziness. Hats are great and always recommended when in the sun. Bobby pins are ideal for short hair to slick it back if it is too short for a hair tie. 


Believe it or not you don’t have to shampoo every day!

Even if you are exercising multiple times a week, over-washing your hair can lead to drying the hair out, stripping the scalp of its natural oils. Keeping it simple by alternating your shampoo one day and rinsing your scalp with water the next will keep it fresh. Don’t forget to reapply dry shampoo (once your hair is completely dry). Remember, this will be your best friend as it makes your hair look & feel fresh and smell amazing!

Sulphate Free is best for me. 

If you are going to wash your hair post-workout make sure it is with a sulphate free shampoo. These shampoos bring fresh hair back to life by cleansing the hair and scalp while retaining moisture, shine and softness. 

No time to wash? No worries. 

Not all workouts leave you drenched in sweat. If you are pressed for time after exercise, simply drying your hair with the cool setting on your hairdryer will take the moisture away and cool the scalp down. Remember there is a difference between sweat and oil. Once the scalp has cooled down, sweat dissipates. Oiliness on the other hand is a separate issue. Hair perfume is a great product to carry in your gym bag. Not only will it make your hair smell amazing it also hydrates the hair. 

Embrace the texture. 

Braids and plaits are the best options while exercising to create ‘heatless curls’. Simply shaking your hair out after your workout and applying a little spritz of sea salt spray will leave you with tousled beachy waves. 

Article by Hairdreams Singapore, Expat’s favourite Hair Couture Salon in Singapore!

Hairdreams Couture specialises in hair and scalp needs as well as boasting the safest and most luxurious hair extensions available. With decades of experience in the hair extension industry, our team is available to offer advice whether you are looking for extra length, volume & thickening or even a change of hair colour.

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