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Islands of Batam


Batam Island is the island in the province of Riau Islands, where there Batam. This island is the island closest to the state of Singapore, separated by a 15 km wide strait, and is a free trade area. There is a lot of islands around Batam.

Comprises 116 islands to the west of Batam Island, 70 islands to the southwest of Batam Island, 82 islands to the south of Batam Island, including Galang Island and Rempang Island. The east part of Batam Island, nut also includes 23 islands off the eastern shore. includes 14 islands off the coast of Batam Island. it’s around 308 islands in Batam.

Abang Island

Abang Island is an island small which is located in the southern city of Batam, the province of Riau Islands. Abang Island is a marine tourism place that is being developed by the Batam city government and will be one of the attractions of the Visit Batam 2010 program. In addition to beautiful beaches with coral reefs and various types of colorful ornamental fish and which are considered equivalent to Bunaken beach in western Indonesia, the sea area around Abang Island and Petung Island is visited by many fishing enthusiasts. The types of fish obtained include fish, pee, red sand, red snapper, areca nut, pufferfish, and others.

Abang Island is a village in the sub-district of Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Abang Island Village consists of 53 islands, namely: Big Abang Island, Little Abang Island, Pengalap Island, 49 other islands.

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Air Raja Island

Air Raja Island or more popularly known as Pulau Air Raja is a piece of land covering an area of ​​approximately five square kilometers surrounded by water. This island has a history of a Malay king who has visited the island a long long time ago.  The fisheries sector is the largest source of income that supports the community’s economy.

Belakang Padang and Islands around

Behind Padang is a sub-district in Batam City, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Before Batam, Rear Padang was used as a sub-district center for small islands around Batam but due to its limited area, Pulauunggung Padang was not developed so that the sub-district center was moved to Batam Island. Rear Padang District is one of the island sub-districts in Batam City, with an area covering more than 100 islands.

Here the list of small islands around Belakang Padang Island.

Pulau Air Keladi  | Pulau Air Johor | Pulau Akar | Pulau Anak Layang |
Pulau Anak Ladang | Pulau Anak Mecan | Pulau Anak Sambu | Pulau Anak Pulau | Pulau Asam | Pulau Batu Ampar | Pulau Bayan | Pulau Batuberantai | Pulau Betina Besar | Pulau Berunok | Pulau Bertam | Pulau Berang | Pulau Bosing Kecil | Pulau Bosing Besar | Pulau Bolak |Pulau Bulat | Pulau Buntung | Pulau Buntong | Pulau Cule | Pulau Combon | Pulau Cumin

Pulau Dangkan | Pulau Dua | Pulau Gondeng Kecil | Pulau Gondeng Besar | Pulau Geranting | Pulau Jagung | Pulau Jerepit | Pulau Kabe | Pulau Kajang | Pulau Kabe Kecil | Pulau Kapal Kecil | Pulau Kasu | Pulau Kelapa Gading | Pulau Kepala Jeri | Pulau Kera | Pulau Ketapa | Pulau Labon Kecil | Pulau Labon Besar | Pulau Labu | Pulau Lebah | Pulau Layang | Pulau Lengkang Kecil | Pulau Lengkang Besar | Pulau Lengkana | Pulau Lingke Kecil | Pulau Lingke | Pulau Lumut | Pulau Lumba | Pulau Mariam | Pulau Manis | Pulau Manek | Pulau Mamat | Pulau Melawa | Pulau Mecan | Pulau Meriam | Pulau Montoh

Pulau Nangka | Pulau Nipa |Pulau Padi | Pulau Paloi Kecil | Pulau Paloi Besar | Pulau Panjang | Pulau Pasir | Pulau Pelangi | Pulau Pelampong | Pulau Pecong Kecil | Pulau Pecong Besar | Pulau Payung | Pulau Pemping | Pulau Perahak | Pulau Penyalan | Pulau Perincit | Pulau Poa | Pulau Piring | Pulau Pinang | Pulau Puake | Pulau Rawe | Pulau Riang | Pulau Sayak | Pulau Seduduk | Pulau Sekana | Pulau Semakau Besar | Pulau Semakau Panjang | Pulau Sememal | Pulau Sepatu | Pulau Serapat Malang | Pulau Serapat | Pulau Serai Cundung | Pulau Siali | Pulau Siantu | Pulau Subar | Pulau Suwe |

Pulau Tandur | Pulau Taman | Pulau Takong Kecil | Pulau Takong Besar | Pulau Tanjungjati | Pulau Tanjungladan | Pulau Tanjungmide | Pulau Telan | Pulau Telukdalam | Pulau Telukbakau | Pulau Timbul | Pulau Timba | Pulau Terong | Pulau Tenggiling | Pulau Tengah | Pulau Tumbar Kecil | Pulau Tumbar

Bintan Island

Bintan Island or Negeri Segantang Lada is an island in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. It is part of the Riau Islands province, the capital of which, Tanjung Pinang, lies in the island’s south and is the island’s main community. Bintan’s land area is 1,173 square kilometres (453 sq mi) (total area is 60,057 square kilometres (23,188 sq mi) including 96% sea area). Its administrative region is designated the Bintan Regency, one of the six administrative regencies of the Riau Islands province. The city of Tanjung Pinang is an autonomous area geographically within Bintan Island but not included in the Regency.

Bulan Island and Islands around

Bulan Island or Pulau Bulang is an island located 2.5 km south-west of Batam Island, with a land area of 100 km2. It is located in the Sijori Growth Triangle, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. It is the largest island adjacent to Batam on its western side and is administratively part of Batam city. The strait between them is shallow and land reclamation and island amalgamation are feasible.

Here the list of small islands around Bulan Island.

Pulau Tong | Pulau Tinjul | Pulau Tengah | Pulau Temoyong | Pulau Tembuhan | Pulau Tembuan | Pulau Telinga | Pulau Tanjungmengkada | Pulau Tanjungkubu | Pulau Supat | Pulau Setokok | Pulau Seraya | Pulau Selatnenek | Pulau Sekikir | Pulau Rinjing | Pulau Raut | Pulau Puat | Pulau Pontianak | Pulau Pergam | Pulau Penjahit Layar | Pulau Panjang Laut | Pulau Panjang Darat | Pulau Orang Mati | Pulau Nipis | Pulau Nipah | Pulau Nibung | Pulau Mentima | Pulau Melintang |

Pulau Luing tamat | Pulau Luing singkek | Pulau Luing sempat | Pulau Luinglaut | Pulau Luing darat | Pulau Luing bendera | Pulau Lotong | Pulau Linau Besar | Pulau Lembu | Pulau Lance | Pulau Ladi | Pulau Labu Besar | Pulau Labu | Pulau Kuyung | Pulau Kura Kecil | Pulau Kura Besar | Pulau Kojok | Pulau Kemudi | Pulau Kayu Arang | Pulau Kaloh | Pulau June | Pulau Jambul | Pulau Jaloh | Pulau Gua | Pulau Dangsi | Pulau Colek | Pulau Buluh | Pulau Bukit | Pulau Boyan |Pulau Biawak Kecil |Pulau Biawak Besar | Pulau Belakang Sidi | Pulau Babi | Pulau Awe | Pulau Asah Kecil | Pulau Asah Besar | Pulau Anak Mati | Pulau Akar | Pulau Air

Dedap Island

Dedap Island is one of the most famous and recommended snorkeling and diving spots in Batam. This island is located after Abang Island, about 10 minutes by speed boat or pompong. In addition to an interesting underwater world to enjoy, Dedap Island also has beautiful unspoiled beaches with soft white sand. There is only one beach on Dedap island which belongs to a resident of Abang island. The name of the beach is the same as the name of the island, namely Dedap beach.

Galang Island and Islands around

Galang (Indonesian: Pulau Galang) is an island of 80 km2 located 25 mi (40 km) southeast of Batam, belonging to a group of three islands called Barelang (an abbreviation of Batam-Rempang-Galang). Part of the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia, Galang is located just south of Batam and Rempang which themselves are just south of Singapore and Johor.

Here the list of small islands around Galang Island.

Pulau Udik | Pulau Tendoh | Pulau Teluk Nipa | Pulau Telejek Kecil | Pulau Tanjunggemuk | Pulau Tanjungdahan | Pulau Taher | Pulau Singa | Pulau Sepintu Kecil | Pulau Sepintu Besar | Pulau Senyantung | Pulau Semukit | Pulau Sembur | Pulau Sekate | Pulau Segayang | Pulau Sebimbingq | Pulau Sebantal | Pulau Sawang Kecil | Pulau Sawang Apil | Pulau Samak Pulau Samag | Pulau Pumpun | Pulau Petang | Pulau Perantun | Pulau Penyabung | Pulau Pengaju | Pulau Pelintang | Pulau Pasir Buluh | Pulau Panjang | Pulau Pangkalan Tering | Pulau Nurdin | Pulau Nilir | Pulau Nibung | Pulau Nguan | Pulau Nanga |

Pulau Mentigi Kecil | Pulau Mentigi Besar | Pulau Melor Besar | Pulau Melor | Pulau Melinik | Pulau Len | Pulau Korekrapat | Pulau Korekbusong | Pulau Kinun | Pulau Kera | Pulau Kalor | Pulau Jemara | Pulau Jakat | Pulau Galang Kecil | Pulau Galang Baru | Pulau Derkat Kecil | Pulau Derkat Besar | Pulau Dempo | Pulau Dedap | Pulau Dapur Tiga | Pulau Cingam | Pulau Cekukur | Pulau Buaya | Pulau Bilis | Pulau Bekaul | Pulau Bedempan | Pulau Baralukut | Pulau Bama | Pulau Anak Segayang | Pulau Anak Melor | Pulau Anak Melinik | Pulau Akop | Pulau Aki

Gara Island

To get to Gara island take a pompom which is a small boat, and almost took about 60 minutes from a small port located at Tanjung Uncang PT. Pandan Bahari. There are 2 islands nearby Gara Island, Linga Island and Bertuah Island. on this island, the electricity turns on just from 6 pm until midnight.

Karas Island

There are many other tourism objects that are a pity to miss when visiting Karas Island, one of which is the small Anak Karas Island from Karas Island, across the sea, it appears that Anak Karas Island is about a matter of minutes from Karas Island. The beauty of Anak Karas Island is indeed a legend that is ideal as a tourist destination. The air is filled with very fresh oxygen. Not only that, but the location is also quiet and beautiful, anyone who comes is guaranteed to get a different impression. There are also other islands around such as Anak Karas Island.

Labun island

Galang Baru Road, Bridge 6, Batam, 29432

Located 10 minutes away from Galang, Labun is a private island that offers a dive away from the hectic city life and sails you to a home filled with Vitamin Sea. Floating since 2008, Labun Island is shelled with various water sport activities and breathtaking sceneries to create beautiful memories with a relaxing holiday or a fun team building activity. Labun Island aims to treat every guest as family and bring the comfort of a home to vacation, combined with the serenity and beauty of the scenery to provide a stress-free environment letting every family member staying in Labun enjoy a fun, relaxing, and memorable stay.

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Mencaras Island

Mencaras Island also knows as dolphin island because on this island has dolphin conservation. There are already around hundreds of dolphins here. To go to Mencaras Island, you can go through the port of  Punggur. The travel time is around 30 – 45 minutes by speed boat.

Mubut Island

The popular mubut island has two separate islands, namely Mubut Darat Island and Mubut Laut Island. Mubut Laut Island is inhabited by a population of around 300 people, while Mubut Tanah Island was originally an empty white sandy island that was used by the community as coconut plantation land which was not inhabited by residents. Even so, administratively the two islands are the same, both land and sea mouths are included in the Galang sub-district, Batam city in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia.

Nirup Island

A luxury private island rises in the Singapore Straits. Nirup Island will be the premier luxurious private island eco-living destination with easy access to Singapore. Just one hour from Singapore by ferry or private yacht charter, exclusive private island living has never been so accessible. Nirup Island offers a variety of lodging options for weekend retreats to a long-term investment property, sumptuous dining experiences, and plentiful recreational activities for passing the time. Sailing vessels will find slips at a full-service marina for short island-hopping visits as well as deep savings off long-term yacht parking.

Nongsa Island and Islands around

Here the list of small islands around Nongsa Island.

Pulau Bundar | Pulau Cuma | Pulau Kasem | Pulau Kubang Kecil | Pulau Kubang Besar | Pulau Lapang | Pulau Limau Kuras | Pulau Lukus | Pulau Matang | Pulau Menjing | Pulau Ngenang | Pulau Moimoi | Pulau Meregah | Pulau Raja | Pulau Sekila | Pulau Sekerah | Pulau Sau | Pulau Tanjungsauh | Pulau Semakau Kecil | Pulau Semakau Besar | Pulau Tubu

Petong Island

Located in the area of ​​Galang Baharu Island, south of Batam Island and not too far from Abang Island, another Batam snorkeling destination is Petong Island. This island is a new paradise for lovers of marine tourism because of the beauty and authenticity of the coral reefs and clear seas and the island is so beautiful.

Pengalap Island

Pengalap island has many beaches, One of the beaches that have been developed is the northern coast which is now known as Kepri Coral. There are many resort-style support facilities that already exist in Kepri Coral, for example, a Floating Restaurant that floats on the sea, a swimming pool, a Dome Village (a place to stay), a swimming pool, water sports, and Kelong Fishing House. And the other side of Pangelap island is Khairah beach, Khairah beach has clean white and soft sands.

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Putri Island

The name of Putri Nongsa Island is located in Nongsa Batam, Riau Islands. If you are going to Batam, there’s nothing wrong besides taking a walk in the Batam city icon, you can also travel to this paradise called Putri Island.

Ranoh Island

Ranoh is a 43-hectare island that neighbors a popular regional snorkeling destination, of which we have developed 1-hectare of beachfront land to be an all-inclusive resort-style escape for both local and international tourists and thrill seekers alike.  Ranoh Island exists as a unique and natural escape from the mundane busyness of day to day life, a family-friendly oasis among the beautiful backdrop of the Riau Archipelago.

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Rempang Island

Rempang is an island, located 2.5 km South-East of Batam, 165.83 km², belonging to a group of three islands called Barelang (an abbreviation of Batam-Rempang-Galang) A member of the Riau Archipelago, in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia, Rempang is located just south of Batam and north of Galang which themselves are just south of Singapore and Johor.

Sambu Island

Sambu (Indonesian: Pulau Sambu) is a minor island in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia. It is located on the north-western side of Batam island.

Sekupang Island and Islands around

Here the list of small islands around Sekupang Island.

Pulau Seraya | Pulau Seloka | Pulau Pucong | Pulau Pakcui | Pulau Mentiang | Pulau Mengkudu | Pulau Makminah | Pulau Lanjut | Pulau Kapur | Pulau Dodik | Pulau Dangas | Pulau Bokor | Pulau Batuberantai  | Pulau Baka

Subang Mas Island

Subang Mas Island is located in Galang district, Batam. On the opposite of Subang mas island, you can see tunjuk island, Air raja island, and kalok island. The beach in subang mas island is called Permata beach. Permata beach has Tosca green water and soft sands.

Sungai Beduk Island and Islands around

Here the list of small islands around Sungai beduk Island.

Pulau Camping | Pulau Dongkol | Pulau Piayu


Tanjungpinang, also written as Tanjung Pinang, is the capital city of the Indonesian province of Riau Islands. Tanjungpinang – whose name is taken from the position of a beech tree that juts into the sea – occupies a strategic location on the south of Bintan Island, guarding the mouth of the Bintan River.

Terong Island

Terong Island is located in the west and approximately ten miles off the coast of Batam Island. To reach the island a traveler can use a ship takes from sagulung port located in sekupang, batam. when you arrived at terong island you can beautiful sea view of fishing boats that are neatly lined up along the pier, a row of houses with a stilted structure around the island.

Tolop Island

One of the outermost islands in the Riau Islands, Tolop Island is tasked with guarding the borders of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The island, which has an area of ​​8.6 hectares, is located adjacent to the Rear Island of the island which lies behind it. It took 1 hour to reach this island. From a distance, the skyscrapers in Singapore are clearly visible because Tolop is only 22.2 kilometers away from the neighboring country.

Tunjuk Island

Tunjuk Island is one of the islands located in the Riau Archipelago, which is located across from Subang Mas Island. This island is one of the tourist destinations in the Riau Islands, especially in Batam. To get to this island, there are various places that can be passed. You can go through the port of the people of Punggur or through Kampung Cate, and Jembatan 4 Barelang by renting a fishing boat owned by a fisherman by paying IDR 75 thousand per person. This island has clean beaches and sand.

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