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Transportation in Batam

Batam Island has a local mass transportation network, such as TransBatam, Damri, minibusses, and other transportation such as taxis, both conventional and online.

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Trans Batam / Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Trans Batam is the most reliable and the cheapest public transportation in Batam. It began to operate in 2005. Trans Batam is the second BRT system in Indonesia, after Jakarta’s TransJakarta. The price for one ride is Rp2,000 for students and Rp4,000 for the public.

Operating Hours 05.30 am – 7 pm
Trans Batam serves 5 corridors of the route
Corridor | Origin-Destination
1 | Batam Centre-Sekupang
2 | Batam Centre-Batu Aji
3 | Sekupang-Jodoh
4 | Sekupang-Batu Aji
5 | Batam Centre-Tanjung Piayu

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Taxis in Batam are available almost anywhere, at ferry terminals, the airport, shopping malls, hotels, etc. There is 2 different taxi in Batam official taxi with a taximeter and Black taxi without a taximeter, don’t have the taxi license, it’s just like a daily used car.

Price: up to $3 depending on distance, negotiable, as per request.


With modest beginnings with only a handful of taxis, over the years we have become synonymous with reliability. With a reputation for the highest standards in taxi services, with Sedan and SUV as standard vehicles, the company now caters millions of passengers all over Indonesia each month.

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Online Transportations


Gojek (previously written as GO-JEK ) is a technology company from Indonesia that serves transportation via motorcycle taxi services. Gojek also has a digital payment service called Gopay. Through just one platform, Gojek’s users can access over 20 services ranging from transportation to food delivery, massages, e-money, and even a loyalty program. Because with Gojek, There Is Always A Way.

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Grab (previously known as GrabTaxi ) is an on-demand service platform headquartered in Singapore. In Indonesia, Grab serves ordering vehicles such as cjek ( GrabBike ), cars ( GrabCar ), taxis ( GrabTaksi ), couriers ( GrabExpress ), food delivery ( GrabFood ), and carpooling ( GrabHitch Car ).

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Maxim Ojek Transportation

We have been creating innovative technologies in travel ordering, large vehicle delivery, purchasing, and delivery, on-the-go assistance, which makes these services modern, easy, and safe.

We strive to be a global brand so that when people travel to different cities and countries, they can still use Maxim services.

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Rental Service

Rent a Car

Rent a car is one of many options for getting around Batam. To rent a car in Batam you need Guaranteed IC/Passport Or Money Deposit. Only car units, exclude petrol. The fuel indicator must be the same as when the car was delivered and when the car rental was finished. Payment bank transfer or full payment when the car is delivered. The price for rent a car for one day or 24 hours is around $25- $50, it’s dependent on the type of car you want to rent.

Rent a Motorbike

There are several motorbikes to rent in Batam. you can find them around Nagoya.  Exploring a tourist area with a motorbike is more effective and efficient than using every passing public vehicle. the price for rent a motorbike for one day is around $7 – $10.

Rent a Bicycle

it’s not easy to rent a bicycle in Batam. is not many shops to rent a bicycle.

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