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Local Delicacies to try in Indonesia

More than 300 Indonesian dishes from A-Z

Expat Guide Local Delicacies to try in Indonesia


Shredded beef cooked until dry with spices


Fermented vegetables with salt, vinegar, with the addition of chili as a side dish.


Traditional snacks made from fish served in Samarinda.

Arem Arem

Filled rice with vegetables or fried chili wrapped in banana leaves originating from Central Java.


A Maluku pudding dessert made from water with a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, cinnamon, butter and honey.

Asinan Buah

Processed from various types of fruits soaked in vinegar and salt with the addition of lime.

Ayam Bekakak

Whole chicken cooked with a variety of Sundanese spices until absorbed and then grilled over charcoal fire.

Ayam Buah Keluak

A traditional Peranakan dish consists of chicken, tamarind gravy and buah keluak nuts.

Ayam Bumbu Rujak

There are many spices besides chili, including brown sugar which is commonly used in sambal rujak buah, usually served fried or grilled.

Ayam Cincane

Culinary origins from the city of Samarinda with free-range chicken which is processed by being covered with spices and then burned until cooked.

Ayam Geprek

Fried chicken that is thinly coated with flour then pounded and covered with chili.

Ayam Goreng Bawang

Chicken pieces that are coated in flour and fried with spices, especially garlic.

Ayam Kecap Kacang

Chicken with spicy soy sauce and peanut crumbs.

Ayam Kremes

Fried chicken with special crispy topping.

Ayam Paniki

Chicken with coconut milk has a spicy and savory taste from Manado.

Ayam Pansuh

C87Ihicken meat in a bamboo stalk, filled with water, seasonings and covered with tapioca leaves from the cassava plant.

Ayam Penyet

Pounded chicken with a pair of onion chili

Ayam Pop

This Minang specialty food is boiled with coconut water or coconut milk and then fried or baked, but it can also be eaten directly.

Ayam Rica Rica

Chicken dish with special rica rica spices.

Ayam Sambel Terasi

Fried chicken with chili paste with a fresh taste of slightly burnt tomatoes

Ayam Serundeng

Fried chicken sprinkled with serundeng, which is grated coconut fried until golden brown with spices.

Ayam Taliwang

Grilled chicken menu made from young free-range chicken with special spices.

Ayam Tandoori

Chicken dish prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven.

Ayam Tangkap

Fried chicken and served with a topping of leaves mixed with fried onions.

Babi Guling

A pig whose belly is stuffed with spices and then pierced with a wooden skewer and then roasted over a roasting fire by twirling the wooden skewer.

Babi Kecap

Cooked pork in sweet soy sauce.

Babi Panggang

Thinly sliced ​​pork and then processed by roasting with a mixture of spices.


Delicious pastries from North Maluku.


Sponge cake with a sweet taste.


A traditional Chinese Indonesian dish made from rice or sticky rice with a filling which is generally made of pork.

Bak Kut Teh

Chinese pork rib and bone soup with rice and cakwe as a side dish.

Bakmi Jawa

Noodle dish with chicken or seafood and sorted vegetables.


Steamed cake with various kinds


Made from a mixture of green beans with sugar, which is wrapped in flour, then baked.

Bakso Malang

Special meat balls from Malang.


Food made from wheat flour and mixed vegetables and then fried

Bandeng Presto

Milkfish that has been seasoned and then cooked with high pressure steam.


Fried dish containing tofu, dumplings, meatballs with peanut sauce.


Chicken cooked by being buried in husks for eight to ten hours to get a soft texture.


Made from rice flour and coconut milk, this soft and sticky texture is usually wrapped in banana leaves and grated coconut on top.

Bika Ambon

A hollow moist cake made from ingredients such as tapioca flour, eggs, sugar, and coconut milk.

Bistik Jawa

The beef seasoned with sweet soy sauce and spices has a unique taste with a side dish of long beans and mashed potato.


A snack made from bananas and melted chocolate wrapped in a layer similar to a croissant topped with grated cheese.

Bolu Gulung

Sponge cake with jam or cream filling.

Bolu Pandan

Sponge cake that has a delicious taste and aroma from pandan leaves.


Shredded coconut flesh which has been squeezed of its coconut milk, often mixed with other ingredients such as vegetables or fish, and wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.


Traditional fermented food or fermented beverage from Java.


A dish of red bean soup mixed with vegetables, spices, and generally using pork or pork leg.


Food with basic ingredients of tolo beans, tofu, eggs, and pieces of beef with rawon sauce.

Bubur Asyura

The main ingredients of this food from Riau are grains which are cooked by making porridge

Bubur Ayam

Rice porridge with a side dish of eggs, shredded chicken, beans, cakwe and others.

Bubur Candil

Chewy porridge made from sweet potato, sago flour, mixed with sugar and then enjoyed with brown sugar.

Bubur Cha Cha

Coconut milk dessert that is infused with pandan leaves, and contains colourful sweet potato cubes and taro.

Bubur Sum Sum

Made from glutinous rice flour and usually served with brown sugar and coconut milk.

Bubur Pedas

Made from finely ground rice that is stir-fried and rich in spices and vegetables such as kale, ferns, kesum leaves plus a sprinkling of peanuts, and fried anchovies.


Made from grated coconut mixed with petai manding or tempeh then wrapped in taro leaves.


A typical food from Bugis which is made from rice, the taste is famous for being savory and is often used as a accompaniment to soupy foods.


One of Palembang’s chewy dishes with coconut milk sauce made from rice flour with coconut milk sauce.

Cah Kangkung

Stir-fried kale with oriental spices, such as garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, and oyster sauce.

Cakalang Fufu

A cured and smoked skipjack tuna clipped on a bamboo frame.


A long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough.

Cap Cai

Made from a mixture of various vegetables with the addition of meatballs, meat, or seafood then all these ingredients are mixed and given a special seasoning.

Chai Tow Kway

Soft fried rice cakes then cooked with onions, chicken eggs, scallions or added with chili sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce.

Char Kwey Teow

The kwetiau is cooked with bean sprouts, chives, prawns, clams, and eggs with the seasonings of garlic, fish sauce, chili sauce, and sweet soy sauce.

Cha Sio

Red roast pork Indonesian Chinese specialty food.


A typical West Java food made from chewy tapioca with additional complementary spices such as peanut sauce.


This food originating from West Java is made from starch as the basic ingredient and then seasoned with powdered barbecue.


made from starch fried with a mixture of spices


A type of wet cake made with the main ingredients of rice flour, coconut milk, brown sugar and other ingredients.


Sundanese savory snack, namely cassava dough with a filling in the form of savory and spicy oncom stir fry.

Dadar Gulung

Traditional snacks that are classified as wet cakes made from wheat flour and grated coconut combined with brown sugar or what is called unti as the filling.

Daun Ubi Tumbuk

Pounded cassava leaves and then cooked with coconut milk and various spices.

Dendeng Balado

Thin slices of beef that are boiled with spices and then fried until dry and given balado spicies.

Dengke Mas Naniura

Ripened by soaking it with tamarind water or kaffir lime.


The combination of rice cake, cassava leaves, and bean sprouts with a splash of gravy.


Food comes from West Java with the basic ingredients of making glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and sugar which has a plastic texture.


A type of food that consisting of potatoes, tofu, tempeh, vegetables, etc. then given peanut sauce.

Empal Gentong

Consists of beef and beef offal cooked with a yellow spiced coconut milk sauce.

Empal Gepuk


Beef stewed with herbs and spices until tender then pounded until slightly flat, and fried before serving.


Crackers made from melinjo seeds made by crushing raw materials until smooth and then drying in the sun

Epok Epok

Cakes made from flour dough that are molded in special molds, with various fillings.

Gado Gado

A type of food that consisting of potatoes, tofu, tempeh, vegetables, etc. then given peanut sauce.

Garang Asem

Central Java specialties are chicken cooked using banana leaves and dominated by sour and spicy flavors.


Betawi traditional cake made from rice flour, white-brown in color, sweet taste and soft texture.


Dish made from cassava, boiled and mashed. Then it is mixed with grated coconut, sugar and small amounts of salt.


A sweet and savory food made from gori (young jackfruit) which is a typical culinary of the city of Yogyakarta.


A dish with coconut milk sauce and topped with turmeric and special spices (usually mixed with fish, mutton, beef, and others)

Haisom Cah

Sea ​​cucumbers cooked with oyster sauce and other spices as well as additional vegetables.


A type of savory rice cake made from vegetables and has a spicy taste.

Iga Babi

Iga babi kecap is an Indonesian braised pork with sweet soy sauce.

Iga Penyet

Spiced ribs that are fried, then squeezed or served with chili sauce and vegetables.

Ikan Kuah Asam

Manadonese original soup dish that has a sour taste and fragrant aroma from the spices used.

Ikan Arsik

A dish of fish cooked with Batak yellow spices.


Instant noodle products that have many flavors.

Intip Goreng

Traditional food typical of Central Java is made from quality rice and fried in quality oil.

Jagung Bose

A typical food of the East Nusa Tenggara region which is processed corn and beans


The snack made from glutinous rice flour that is sugared and fried also has a thick sweet taste because the entire surface is covered with brown sugar which is allowed to dry.


A South Sulawesi fried dumpling from Indonesian cuisine, stuffed with rice vermicelli, vegetables, potatoes and eggs.

Jemput Jemput

A typical West Sumatran dish in the form of confectionery with a composition consisting of bananas mixed with flour and grated coconut flesh.


One of the typical foods of Palu in the form of soup filled with beef legs.


 A type of rendang that is cooked for a shorter period of time and much of the coconut milk liquid has not evaporated.


This traditional cake from Pemalang City is made from tape with a soft texture and filled with melted chocolate.

Kangkung Belacan

Belacan is the name for shrimp paste for the Malay community, this dish is cooked with shrimp paste and other spices.


Belacan is the name for shrimp paste for the Malay community, this dish is cooked with shrimp paste and other spices.

Kare Ranjungan

Rajungan is a type of crab that is spotted with spots and smaller in size than crabs in general. Whole crab meat is cooked with lots of spices and coconut milk.


Pastries made from a mixture of flour, eggs, margarine, and grated cheese. This one cake is rectangular, about 3-4 cm long.


contains corn kernels boiled together with beans, papaya leaves and fruit, or leaves and pumpkin and various other green vegetables. Usually served with lu’at chili sauce.

Kembang Goyang

This snack is made from wheat flour and has a sweet taste and a crunchy texture.

Kembang Tahu

Kacang kedelai tersebut digiling halus, diperas untuk mendapatkan susu. Lalu ditambahkan gipsum agar teksturnya menjadi padat, tetapi tetap lembut mirip puding.


Crackers are commonly made of ikan tenggiri.

Kepiting Saus Padang

Seafood dish of crab served in hot and spicy Padang sauce which is identical to the taste of oyster sauce.

Kerak Telor

This egg crust is made from eggs mixed with a little flour and scallions then poured into a frying pan in the form of small round molds.

Keripik Sanjai

Chips from Bukittinggi with a spicy and sweet Balado taste.

Kerupuk Kulit Babi

Crackers made from pork skin.

Keripik Teripang

Chips made from sea cucumbers.


A vegetarian dish from Jakarta, Indonesia, consisting of tofu, vegetables, rice cake, and rice vermicelli served in peanut sauce.

Ketupat Sayur

Vegetarian dish from Jakarta, Indonesia, consisting of tofu, vegetables, rice cake, and rice vermicelli served in peanut sauce.

Ketupat Tahu

a traditional Magelang culinary menu made from diamonds, fried tofu, and peanut sauce and has additional sliced ​​cabbage, bean sprouts, bakwan, and noodles

Klapper Taart

Tart made from coconut water, cornstarch, liquid milk, sugar, egg yolk, salt, margarine, raisins, and blueberry jam.


Traditional food with a chewy and sticky texture covered with grated coconut and melted brown sugar in it.


A traditional food made from bananas or sweet potatoes boiled with coconut milk and palm sugar.


Bread made from flour, salt, sugar and yeast which is kneaded and then shaped into a round.


This soup is made from beef ribs or beef with a dark brown sauce.


Food made from cow or buffalo skin with curry sauce.


Menu which is usually made from pieces of mutton combined with spices.


A type of dumpling consisting of a thick binder combined with a filling, which is breaded and deep-fried.

Kuah Asam Keueung

This dish has a spicy, sour, and salty sauce taste combined with a distinctive yellow color.

Kue Ape

Made from the main ingredient wheat flour mixed with milk and the top is often sprinkled with cheese and meses.

Kue Bingka

Food originating from South Kalimantan with a soft texture and made from basic ingredients such as eggs, coconut milk and flour.

Kue Bugis

A traditional cake made from glutinous rice and cooked by steaming.

Kue Carabikang

A traditional cake made from a mixture of rice flour, sugar and coconut milk.

Kue Gapit

Cirebon traditional cake made from tapioca flour.

Kue Kaak

A traditional cake made from ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, cloves, cardamom, fennel, honey, free-range chicken eggs, sugar, wheat flour, fine koya, ghee, butter and black cumin.

Kue Keranjang

This cake is made from glutinous rice flour and brown sugar mixed with water, then stirred until thick and then molded and then steamed.

Kue Kochi

Made from glutinous rice flour, and filled with Melaka sugar coconut.

Kue Ku

A cake made from glutinous rice flour filled with green beans.

Kue Leker

Made from dough using cake ingredients such as eggs, wheat flour, milk, sugar and water.then poured on a mini pan that has been heated (usually heated over charcoal coals) to make a circular leker skin.

Kue Maksuba

Made from basic ingredients eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla, and of course sweetened condensed milk white color.

Kue Mangkok

Made from rice flour, wheat flour and cassava tapai cooked by steaming and is shaped like a bowl and blooms at the top.

Kue Nastar

Adonan yang terbuat dari terigu, mentega, gula, dan telur ini, nastar akan dibentuk bulatan sempurna atau sedikit elips dengan hiasan sebutir cengkih di atasnya and generally filled with pineapple jam.

Kue Pancong

This Betawi cake is made from a mixture of rice flour, grated coconut, coconut milk, and a little tapioca flour.

Kue Putu

A type of cake made from coarse grains of rice flour which usually contains brown sugar and is sprinkled with grated coconut.

Kue Rangi

This traditional cake from Betawi is made from a mixture of starch mixed with grated coconut and then cooked by baking it in a special mold.

Kue Sagu

As the name suggests, this cake is made from sago as the main ingredient. This flower-shaped cake is usually served in a cheese flavor.

Kue Satu

The basic ingredient is glutinous rice flour that has been roasted and mixed with sugar, freshly molded and uses glutinous rice flour, you can also replace it with green bean flour.


Contains young jackfruit, long beans, raw bean sprouts, raw petai, long bean leaves, salt, sugar. The complement is young coconut, coarsely grated.

Kwetiau Siram Sapi

Kwetiau is a noodle from China made from rice noodles cooked with special spices along with pieces of beef and vegetables.


Rice flour mixed with water and natural dyes such as suji leaves and served with melted brown sugar or what is often called kinca and a sprinkling of grated coconut.

Laksa Banjar

This food made from rice flour with snakehead fish sauce as well as other complementary ingredients comes from Banjarmasin.

Laksa Betawi

The main ingredients are free-range chicken meat, shrimp, with additional complements such as vermicelli, bean sprouts, basil leaves, and eggs.

Laksa Bogor

Laksa is a dish made from a mixture of diamonds, vermicelli, bean sprouts, red oncom, grated coconut and a splash of thick gravy.


using minced snakehead fish meat as the main ingredient then mixed with tapioca flour, chicken eggs, flavoring, and salt mixed and laksan is formed lengthwise.huj

Lakso Palembang

Containing lakso noodles made from a mixture of rice flour and sago flour as well as yellow coconut milk sauce which is savory and fragrant because it is added with spices and also turmeric and fish meat flakes.


A Sundanese raw vegetable salad served with sambal terasi.

Lapis Legit

Made from various kinds of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, mace, and anise so that the taste of this cake is very distinctive and rich in the aroma of spices.


A mixture of vegetables, Balinese spices, coconut, shrimp paste and minced meat.


Glutinous rice cooked with bamboo.


This cake is made from sticky rice and filled with minced or shredded meat.

Lepek Binti

Is a snack made from sticky rice with ground beef filling.


Lepet is a traditional snack made of glutinous rice, grated coconut, and a little salt.

Lontong Balap

A dish of lontong berkuah filled with bean sprouts, tofu, and lento (peanuts cooked in a special way).

Lontong Cap Go Meh

Contains lontong served with chicken opor, lodeh vegetables, liver fried chili sauce, pickles, pindang eggs, koya powder, shredded beef, chili sauce, and don’t forget crackers.

Lontong Gulai

Red ggetables, and the additional side dish is in the form of eggs or chicken curry.ravy with vegetable lontong dishes, red lado sauce,  jackfruit curry, peanut ve

Lumpia Semarang

A snack consisting of a mixture of young bamboo shoots, eggs, fresh vegetables, and meat or seafood, in a roll made of thin sheets of wheat flour.


A snack made from glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled and sprinkled with melted brown sugar.


Made from black sticky rice tape with sour and sweet taste.


Mutton soup with a mixture of vegetables cooked with a special gravy.

Martabak Mesir

One of the foods made from flour dough containing eggs, seasoned meat, scallions etc. and a special sauce.


Tempe which is fried half cooked and has a chewy texture, a snack from Bayuwangi.

Mi Aceh

Made from thick yellow noodles with various toppings, such as shrimp, crab, beef, or mutton. The seasoning consists of various kinds of spices.

Mi Ayam

Made from yellow wheat noodles seasoned with usually diced chicken, mustard greens, dumplings and gravy.

Mi Cakalang

Served with special spices, such as shallots, spring onions, and sliced ​​skipjack tuna on top of noodles.

Mi Caluk

Made from stick noodles and served like spaghetti with a sauce made from tomatoes, chili, coconut milk, and peanuts with the addition of lemongrass and lime leaves.

Mi Celor

Contains egg noodles, a gravy that comes from a mixture of shrimp broth and coconut milk, as well as shrimp toppings, shredded chicken, and hard-boiled eggs.

Mi Gomak

Batak cuisine is made from stick noodles boiled with yellow spices and coconut milk andaliman sauce.

Mi Jawa

A mixture of noodles, vegetables, duck eggs, and free-range chicken

Mi Kangkung

A Betawi food that has a thick soup with a soft noodle texture served with kale, usually also includes meatballs and mushrooms.

Mi Kari Telur Asin

The noodles are boiled with milk and butter as well as other flavorings and then topped with stir-fried curry leaves, salted egg, and shrimp.

Mi Koclok

Noodles served with chicken broth and thick coconut milk, topped with shredded chicken, sliced ​​scallions, cabbage, bean sprouts, and a hard-boiled egg.

Mi Kocok

One of Bandung’s specialties consisting of yellow noodles served in broth with beef, boiled eggs, and various toppings as well as soy sauce, chili sauce, lime, and sliced ​​green onions.

Mi Ongklok

One of Wonosobo’s specialties whose sauce is made from cassava essence, brown sugar, and peanut sauce.

Mi Pangsit

Soft textured noodles with dumplings, shredded chicken, prawns, vegetables and gravy.

Moachi Gemini

Made from glutinous rice flour filled with mashed peanuts mixed with sugar or caramel.

Mochi Sukabumi

This cake made from glutinous rice flour sprinkled with tapioca flour contains ground peanuts and tastes chewy in the mouth because it is packaged in a small bamboo basket.


A kind of leavened flatbread made from wheat flour.


Made from rice flour filled with sliced ​​plantains.

Nasi Ambeng

Javanese specialties in the form of white rice served on a winnowing tray and usually consist of cakes, fried salted fish, fried chili sauce, boiled eggs, urap, to chicken opor.

Nasi Ayam Hainan

Made from chicken meat prepared by boiling the whole chicken in chicken bone broth, using as much boiled water to make the original broth from the chicken.

Nasi Bakar

Coconut milk spiced rice stuffed with shredded spicy chicken and basil then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

Nasi Bebek Madura

Duck fried with special spices, served with various vegetables.

Nasi Bogana

Is rice rames originating from Tegal, Central Java. The rice consists of white rice with side dishes of chicken opor, chili sauce, pindang eggs, beef jerky to stir-fried tempeh and beans.

Nasi Campur Bali

A mixture of rice with various side dishes such as chicken grilled with Balinese spices, vegetable eggs and also satay wrap which is usually made from fish or chicken.

Nasi Dagang

Made from a mixture of rice and glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk.

Nasi Gandul

A typical Pati regional dish containing rice with beef gravy.

Nasi Goreng Jawa

Fried rice with chili sauce, onions and shrimp paste. After that cooked with firewood or brazier.

Nasi Goreng Kambing

A mixture of rice, mutton and spices into one dish.

Nasi Goreng Kampung

A dish of fried rice with herbs or spices, and added with various other ingredients such as side dishes or vegetables.

Nasi Goreng Pattaya

A special fried rice dish wrapped with an omelet.

Nasi jagung

A typical Indonesian food made from corn as the basic ingredient eaten with various side dishes.

Nasi Jamblang

It is white rice wrapped in teak leaves and eaten with a variety of side dishes.

Nasi Jinggo

Berasal dari daerah Bali dengan paduan lauk yang lengkap ini biasanya dikemas dengan porsi kecil.

Nasi Kabsah

The seasoning uses tomatoes and a little chili, so the taste is sour and savory, but not spicy and served with side dishes of goat or chicken cooked by boiling.

Nasi Kapau

This is a dish made from beef intestine that is stuffed with egg and tofu mixture.

Nasi Kebuli

Made of rice cooked with mutton, milk, and various spices.

Nasi Kucing

White rice served with chili sauce and milkfish or anchovies, then wrapped in banana leaves.

Nasi lemak

White rice served with chili sauce and milkfish or anchovies, then wrapped in banana leaves.

Nasi Liwet

Rice using a liwet process, That is the technique of cooking rice by mixing rice and water, either plain water or coconut milk, in a special place.

Nasi Mandi

This type of rice has yellow and white colors. The yellow color comes from the apron spices which are cooked in a kiln.

Nasi Megono

Filled with rice topped with chopped young jackfruit cooked with grated coconut, kecombrang flowers, melinjo leaves, and other concoctions of spices.

Nasi Minyak

Rice cooked with samin oil and spices typical of the archipelago and the Middle East.

Nasi Padang

Padang cuisine is a seasoning that is rich in spices and complements Padang rice, from rendang, jackfruit curry, to its distinctive green chili sauce.

Nasi pecel

Made from boiled vegetables in the form of spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, basil, turi leaves, or other vegetables served with pecel sauce smothered with rice.

Nasi Tempong

Banyuwangi typical food contains variants of vegetables that have been boiled such as spinach, kenikir and basil leaves and side dishes of tofu, tempeh, and fried chicken or fish jambal.

Nasi Tim

Savory spiced rice and chicken steamed with boneless chicken, mushrooms and poached chicken eggs, all seasoned with garlic and soy sauce.

Nasi Timbel

Banana leaf wrapped rice. Usually served with fried chicken, tamarind vegetables, chili paste, and fresh vegetables.

Nasi Tutug Oncom

Made from warm white rice which is anointed with grilled oncom or fried oncom then served with side dishes and vegetables.

Nasi Uduk

This Betawi dish is made from white rice that is roasted and steamed with coconut milk, and is seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemon grass and pepper.

Nasi Ulam

Rice mixed with various herbs and spices, especially gotu kola leaves or sometimes replaced with basil leaves, vegetables, and various spices, accompanied by several kinds of side dishes.


Grilled fish served with thick sauce full of spices.

Ngo Hiong

The skin of tofu is filled with chicken and minced meat then fried and given a sprinkling of creamy.

Oncom Tumis

Made from tofu cake, which is soybeans that have been taken for protein and then stir-fried with spices.

Onde Onde

Onde-onde cake with a sprinkling of sesame evenly on the surface. The classic onde-onde filling is mashed green beans.


Made from the main ingredients of chicken meat cooked with various spices, and thick coconut milk produced from coconuts.

Otak Otak

A dish made from minced mackerel wrapped in banana leaves, grilled, and served with a spicy sour sauce.

Oyong Tumis

Local Delicacies to try in Indonesia Oyong Tumis

A dish of stir-fried shallots, garlic, and chilies then add the Oyong and other vegetables and other seasonings.

Pai Susu Bali

A mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and butter for the outside and the filling is egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk.

Pai Tee

Made from a thin skin that is shaped like a basket then fried and the skin is filled with vegetables and minced meat.


Made from salted fish through a fermentation process with salt and then mixed with a sprinkling of fried glutinous rice.


Made from beef or buffalo innards with a sauce that has been sprinkled with grated coconut that has been fried.


Made using wheat flour that has been mixed with egg yolks and added with the contents of skipjack tuna which has been stirred with shallots, lime leaves, red chilies, and scallions.

Pangsit Kuah

Steamed dumplings which are usually stuffed with meat or chicken that have been steamed and poured with a savory sauce.


A dish whose main ingredient is bat cooked with special spices.

Pecel Lele

Javanese food consisting of catfish then served with tomato sauce and fresh vegetables consisting of basil, cabbage, cucumber, and long beans.

Pecel Sayur

Contains a variety of boiled vegetables smothered in peanut sauce as well as additional eggs, tempeh, tofu, peyek.


Made from processed flour and fish with egg filling and cuko sauce as well as sliced ​​cucumber dice.

Pepes Tempoyak Lais

Steamed fresh fish then grilled with fermented durian fruit (tempoyak).


A dish made from mashed potatoes, then mixed with herbs and sliced ​​scallions and celery.


Salted and seasoned fish, and then smoked or boiled until dry for preservation and then made into a dish.


Minang traditional food made from rice flour and sugar cane/sugar and coconut milk.


Made from sliced ​​bananas with melted chocolate or sweetened condensed milk chocolate, which is wrapped in a thin flour skin or spring roll skin which is then fried.

Plecing Kangkung

Consists of boiled water spinach topped with tomato sauce made of cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste and tomatoes, and sometimes topped with lime drops.


Made from one kilogram of wheat flour, one liter of water, one teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of tapioca flour and stuffed and then rolled.

Puding Sagu

A pudding made of tapioca pearls, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut milk.


Made from a mixture of eggs, wheat flour, sugar, yeast and coconut milk then molded using a pukis cake mold, and baked until cooked.


Made from coarse grains of rice flour. Then it is filled with Javanese sugar and sprinkled with grated coconut.


Made from a mixture of eggs, chicken and vegetables. The soft texture of the egg blends really well with the tomato sauce on top.


Made from a mixture of nutmeg seeds, ginger, galangal, cayenne pepper and cinnamon and mutton cut into small pieces with the innards as the main ingredient.


Black beef soup as a mixture of special spices containing kluwek.


Mixed  flour, water, various spices, and nuts and then fry.


The basic ingredients of meat are then cooked using a mixture of coconut milk, chili, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, ginger, garlic, shallots and various other spices.


Crackers made from dried glutinous rice.

Rintek Wuuk

A dish made from dog meat with various herbs and spices.


Risol is made with ingredients such as a skin made of wheat flour and eggs which is then filled with mayonnaise, cheese, sausage, button mushrooms, various meats and vegetables.

Roti Buaya

Bread made from flour, milk powder, yeast, eggs, sugar, and other basic bread ingredients.

Roti Canai

Made from wheat, then mixed with a little spice, then baked with a topping of cheese, sugar, mayonnaise or curry sauce.

Roti Gambang

Made from the main ingredients, namely wheat flour, palm sugar, sesame, eggs, and other ingredients.

Roti John

Baguette stuffed with eggs, chicken, or meat, tomatoes, lettuce, and various toppings such as mustard, cheese sauce, chili sauce, etc.

Roti Konde

This bread is made from chakra flour, whipped cream, powdered milk, salted butter, melted chocolate, and other bread ingredients.

Roti Lapis Tempe

Local Delicacies to try in Indonesia Roti Lapis Tempe

Sandwiches where the bread is replaced with fried tempeh.

Roti Pita

One of the simplest breads, because it only uses water, flour, and yeast and then is given various fillings.

Roti Tisu

Made from flour, milk, powdered sugar, salt, and melted chocolate, cheese, or sweetened condensed milk as toppings.

Rujak Petis

Usually consists of sliced ​​cucumber, yam, young mango, kedondong, tofu, bean sprouts, and kale topped with peanut sauce.

Rujak Cingur

Rujak mixed with cingur or beef body parts in a soft cow’s mouth which is then boiled.

Rujak Juhi

This Betawi specialty salad is made from juhi, which is squid that has been fermented with salt, then dried.

Rujak Shanghai

Using red gravy with the basic ingredients of tomato sauce and a sprinkling of mashed peanuts with the main ingredients being kale, juhi, and jellyfish.

Rujak Soto

A dish containing rice cake, cucumber, cooked vegetables, tofu-tempe pieces, sliced ​​meat and the gravy comes from the stew of meat.


Batak cuisine made from minced pork, dog or buffalo meat and seasoned with spices and coconut milk, and cooked with or without blood.

Sale Pisang

A banana product made by drying and smoking processes.


This dish is cooked with tomatoes and garlic and is usually eaten with bread.


made from flour, potatoes, onions, spices, and green chilies, usually eaten with a dipping sauce in the form of chutneys, such as mint leaf chutney, coriander leaf chutney, or tamarind chutney.

Sapo Tahu

Vegetarian dishes consisting of vegetables include soft textured egg tofu (tofu), mushroom, carrots, chicory, broccoli, celery leeks, onions, and garlic.

Sate Babi

Usually using a sauce made from pineapple, spices, and sweet soy sauce and then grilled in slow-cooking.

Sate Bandeng

The meat filling is removed from the milkfish body and separated from the thorns, then the meat is then mixed with the mixture and put back into the milkfish skin and then burned.

Sate Kelinci Jawa

The main composition of rabbit meat which is arranged on a skewer made of small bamboo and then grilled using charcoal.

Sate Klatak

Young  mutton satay grilled by using bicycle bars, and seasoned with salt and additional clear gravy.

Sate Lilit

This satay is generally made from large sea fish by pureeing the fish, then adding Balinese spices, coconut milk, and grated coconut.

Sate Madura

Satay made from chicken meat and processed with a special blend of spices from Madura.

Sate Padang

Using beef, tongue or offal with thick peanut sauce seasoning plus lots of chili, making the taste spicy.

Sate Taichan

A variant of satay that contains grilled chicken meat without garnishing with peanut sauce or soy sauce like satay in general.

Sayur Asem

peanuts, young jackfruit, melinjo, vegetable starfruit, chayote, long beans and the sour taste of this dish is usually obtained from tomatoes, Javanese tamarind, or from star fruit wuluh.

Sayur Bayam

Besides spinach, this spinach soup is also complemented with corn and tomatoes..

Sayur Lodeh

This dish contains jipang pumpkin, long beans, eggplant, petai, tempeh, chili, small corn and coconut milk.

Sayur Sop Ceker

A soup made from chicken feet mixed with various ingredients or vegetables.


Typical Bandung food made from limp crackers then cooked with spices and added with some fillings such as chicken, meatballs, claws, etc.

Se’i Kupang

An Indonesian smoked meat(usually from pork) from Kupangan Indonesian smoked meat(usually from pork) from Kupang

Sekba Babi

Made of pork innards, liver, tripe, intestines, lungs, ears and pork tongue boiled in a soy sauce-based soup.

Selat Solo

Local Delicacies to try in Indonesia Selat Solo

This dish consists of beef has outer stew in a watery sauce made of garlic, vinegar, sweet soy sauce, English soy sauce, water and seasoned with nutmeg and pepper.

Semar Mendem

wet cake made from glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk then, it is stuffed with shredded chicken and shaped and then wrapped in a thinly omeletted.


Made from rice flour, it can be served folded or rolled.


A dish of boiled meat from Indonesia that is cooked in a dark brown sauce made of sweet soy sauce, shallots, onions, nutmeg and cloves.


Made from a mixture of wheat flour, rice flour, and coconut milk as well as a sauce made from coconut milk and brown sugar.

Seri Muka

Made from rice flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk and cinnamon powder.


Made from spices such as shallots, garlic, coriander, lemongrass, bay leaves, and galangal then mixed with grated coconut and roasted until browned.


A type of dimsum that is usually made with chicken, fish, shrimp and crab fillings with eggs, fish balls, abitter gourd and cabbage tossed with peanut sauce.

Sop Buntut

Soup made from pieces of beef tail that is boiled until it releases the broth.

Sop Konro

Made from beef ribs or beef, and seasoned with cinnamon, tamarind water, and spices.

Sop Saudara

Soup made of mutton, tripe, and some vegetables.

Sosis Solo

Made from ground beef rolled in a very thin omelet.

Soto Banjar

Using free-range chicken as the main ingredient and mashed spices in the form of onion, garlic, pepper. The spices used are cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Soto Betawi

The broth is made from coconut milk or milk containing beef and offal.

Soto Lamongan

With a distinctive yellow sauce containing vermicelli, pieces of chicken meat, offal, chicken skin, tomatoes, cabbage, and chicken eggs.

Soto Madura

Contains beef brisket, boiled egg, petis, peanut sauce, cassava pieces, and dry fried potatoes.

Soto Makassar

Made from long-boiled beef innards and a mixture of other beef, then mixed into a special blend of spices.

Soto Medan

Contains shredded free-range chicken, chips, hard-boiled eggs, and sliced ​​tomatoes topped with coconut milk.

Soto Padang

A beef broth dish with sliced ​​beef that has been fried dry, glass noodles, potato cakes plus red crackers.

Soto Sakaraja

Made from chicken or beef, vermicelli, bean sprouts, scallions, peanut sauce, crackers, and fried shallots.

Soto Solo

Contains bean sprouts, beef or chicken, celery leaves, fried onions, with the addition of lime juice and chili sauce.

Soto Tangkar

Soup made from stuffing in the form of tangkar or ribs.


Made from shredded beef or prawns as a filling in a layer of spring rolls, seasoned with coriander, lemon leaves, garlic and shallots.

Sup Sarang Burung

The main ingredient of this soup is a net made from bird saliva.


A dish made from frog’s thighs served in soup, fried or stir-fried.

Tahu Aci

Made from yellow tofu with aci filling that has been seasoned and then fried.

Tahu Bulat

Tofu is round fried without filling, usually eaten with green chilies.

Tahu Campur

This dish is made from various fillings such as vegetables, cassava lentho, tofu, and beef tetelan and then served with black shrimp paste as a condiment.

Tahu Gejrot

Fried tofu is then cut into small pieces and eaten with a sauce with chili, garlic, shallots, and sugar.

Tahu Gunting

Food made from fried tofu, ketupat, vermicelli, and crackers seasoned with peanut sauce and soy sauce, the tofu is cut into pieces using scissors.

Tahu Sumedang

Raw tofu molded from woven bamboo which functions as a drainer.

Tahu Tek Tek

Half-cooked fried tofu, rice cake, potatoes, and a little bean sprouts are then drizzled with peanut sauce with petis added as well as an omelette and prawn crackers as a compliment.

Tahu Walik

Made from tofu pong, tapioca flour, and wheat flour for the seasoning, just use salt, powdered broth, and finely chopped garlic.

Tauge Ayam

Contains stir-fried bean sprouts and chicken pieces with oyster sauce.


Made from sago and fish, shaped into small rounds like fish balls, with fish stock sauce complemented by vermicelli, sliced ​​yam, ear mushrooms, and tuberose flowers.

Telur Bumbu Bali

Boiled eggs cooked with Balinese spices.

Tempe Bacem

Tempe Orek

A dish of tempeh that is cut into small pieces and cooked with sugar and soy sauce.

Tempoyak Ikan Patin

Jambi speciality food made from catfish cooked with spices with ripe durian meat and salt to taste, fermented and then stored in an airtight container.


A dish of beef or mutton mixed with soft vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage then seasoned with curry sauce and given soy sauce.

Terong Balado

Eggplant cooked by sauteing ground chillies with various spices, usually shallots, garlic, lime.


The soup contains sliced ​​chicken liver, sliced ​​omelette rolls, sliced ​​sausage solo, noodles, pindang eggs, and shredded fried chicken.


One of the typical Acehnese cakes made from rice flour, coconut milk, bananas and a number of other ingredients, wrapped with banana shoots and steamed.


This dish is made from pork but can be replaced with other meats, usually Minahasa people cook it in bamboo


Porridge mixed with various vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, kale, spinach, basil, and young corn.


Made from cassava which is dried in the sun or commonly called cassava then ground until smooth and then steamed until cooked.

Toge Goreng Bogor

Food containing fried bean sprouts, yellow noodles, pieces of oncom, and sprinkled with peanut sauce.


A dish that contains mutton with addition, into a thick sauce put vegetables such as cabbage, garlic, tomatoes, and soy sauce.


A type of typical Javanese spice made using tempe bosok or tempeh that is almost rotten and then cooked with other spices.


The dish is a meal consisting of cone-shaped rice with various side dishes around it.

Udang Balado

Minangkabau’s special seasoning that uses ground chilies roasted with garlic, shallots and limes cooked with prawns.

Untir Untir

Made using the main ingredients in the form of flour and sugar.


This dish is made from boiled various kinds of vegetables mixed with grated coconut seasoning using kencur in the seasoning mixture.


A traditional Indonesian snack made from sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar which has a sticky texture.

Wedang Angsle

The sauce is made from a mixture of pandan leaves, vanilla, and coconut milk. The filling consists of petulo, green beans, white sticky rice, pearls, slices of bread, and sliced ​​fruit.


Made from coconut milk, glutinous rice, and grated coconut.


The spices used are basil, lime leaves, pandan leaves, turmeric, lemongrass, leeks, tomatoes, chilies, ginger and garlic.

Yee Sang

A Cantonese-style raw fish salad that usually consists of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients.

Yong Tahu

Yong tau foo is a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste.


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