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ActiveSG Academies and Clubs for Children

ActiveSG Academies and Clubs for Children

Would you like your child to sharpen his or her fundamental movement skills? Or have a pathway to excel in the sports of their interest?
Come check out the range of ActiveSG Academies and Clubs!
Designed to be fun and of high quality, our holistic sports programs help develop the child’s character, inculcate your child with important values such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork as well as life skills such as communication, overcoming challenges, and goals setting.
Regardless of ones’ ability and level of fitness, there is always a sport for every child.

We had our first Groovers Jr Dance Camp on 9 Sept 2019 and it was a hit! We look forward to bringing you more regular classes of hip-hop, kpop, street, and more.
From these classes, we are also looking at budding talents to form our very own Elite Dance Crew and each team/group within the club will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and originality, leveraging on Singapore’s signature sporting events throughout the year.

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ActiveSG Athletics Club

At the ActiveSG Athletics Club, we have fun yet challenging training programs that are specially designed by professional coaches to improve your child’s health, fitness, coordination, and overall movement skills such as running, jumping, and throwing.
Beyond sporting values, the holistic program will also focus on developing your child’s character and inculcate life values such as skills teamwork honor, and resilience that can be applied throughout their lives. So your child is not just training to be a better athlete, but also a better person.

Our head distance coach, Steven Quek have a wealth of experience in training both athletes and student-athletes so the club is also an ideal platform for one to fulfill his/her athletic potential our kid’s coaches help the kids build the basics of athletics through fundamental skills and our youth coaches build a richer understanding of the various events of athletics.
Whether you would like your child to experience athletics at an entry-level or embark on a pathway to excel in it, ActiveSG Athletics Club is the right place for you!

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Badminton Academy @ ActiveSG

Now Open! Programs starting in end Mar 2020
Did you know the speed and power of Badminton? With the shuttlecock speed going as fast as 408km per hour, Badminton is officially the world’s fastest racket sport.

Whether you would like your child to experience badminton or embark on a pathway to excel in it, the SBA Badminton Academy @ ActiveSG is the right place for you! Helmed by professional coaches, they will be on hand to guide your child every step of the way to instill values and character development. From fundamental movement skills to core badminton skills, the programs are designed to be fun, yet challenging.


ActiveSG Basketball Academy

The program introduces your child to the basic components of basketball where boys and girls learn, play, and develop progressively through fun exercises and small-sided games.

Besides becoming more proficient in basketball, your child will acquire essential values such as teamwork, honor, and resilience during sessions, thus developing a strong character and moral habits since young.

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ActiveSG Canoe Academy

ActiveSG Canoe Academy (“ACA”) aims to support the existing Canoeing ecosystem by widening the participation base of the sport and complementing the high-performance pathway in partnership with the Singapore Canoe Federation (“SCF”). Participants in the Academy will pick up paddling skills in a fun, positive, and safe learning environment, make new friends through sport, and further develop values, character, and life skills in the great outdoors.


ActiveSG Floorball Club

Game for some speed and action?
ActiveSG Floorball Club strives to create opportunities for the community to pick up the sport and compete in exciting games.
Stay tuned for upcoming competitions and leagues!


ActiveSG Football Academy

Led by former Singapore international Aleksandar Duric, the ActiveSG Football Academy offers a holistic football program that is designed to build character and encourage children and youth to pursue their sporting passion with the right attitude.

At the Academy, boys and girls learn, play, and develop progressively through agility workouts, fun exercises, and small-sided games.
Beyond the basic skills, your child will learn about important values such as discipline, respect, and team spirit, and acquire valuable life skills including communication, goal setting, and problem-solving through the game of football.
For your convenience, there are thirteen training centers established across the island, so there’s always one near you.
Our program is designed to give your child the opportunity to learn how to play football up to three times a week, specifically on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
We understand that some children and youth may be involved in other sports and recreational activities during the week or would like to take things slowly. Hence, we are offering your child the flexibility to attend the program once, twice, or thrice each week.
Nevertheless, we strongly encourage our junior participants to gradually scale up their involvement in the program three times a week so that they can fully benefit from all lessons.

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ActiveSG Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastics can equip your child with fundamental movement skills that help in the development of muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, and kinesthetic awareness.
In partnership with Singapore Gymnastics and affiliated clubs, ActiveSG Gymnastics Academy is rolling out the KinderGym program specifically designed for children 5 to 6 years old. This 10 sessions program encourages learning through exploration and discovery, which helps in the development of the child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

All classes are conducted in a safe, structured, and multi-sensory environment at selected ActiveSG Sports Centres. It is meant to create positive movement experiences, to allow children to explore and develop their physical skills at their own rate, in an inclusive and non-competitive atmosphere. We believe this can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life. By providing an environment where the child may creatively explore and practice skills safely, it develops the whole child as well as increase self-confidence and self-esteem.
By signing up in our programs, participants will become a member of Singapore Gymnastics (SG). SG will be collecting some basic data information for the purpose of membership registration from you.

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ActiveSG Hockey Academy

Come and discover the joy of playing hockey with us!
At ActiveSG Hockey Academy (AHA), we believe in sharing our passion for hockey, while providing a safe environment for your child to pick up this beautiful sport.

Our program in partnership with Singapore Hockey Federation is committed to equipping your child with the technical and tactical aspects of the game, imparting values beyond the sport that are essential in the development of important life skills and character building.

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ActiveSG Martial Arts Club

Martial arts are great forms of physical and mental training for all ages. Not only do you acquire self-defense skills, but you also get a full-body workout!

Each style of Martial Art is unique and training in them has its own benefits. However, what is common among them are:
Improved body coordination
Better stamina and flexibility
Increased mental focus
Better self-discipline, confidence, and respect for others
Gain the ability to take hits and stronger resilience
Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art that enables one to defend against an opponent of superior size and strength. It is a defensive system of continuous, circular motions to harmonize with the opponent’s energy, using joint locks, pins, and throws. When properly practiced, successful defense is achieved through minimal action. It is very suitable for kids, ladies, and even seniors to practice.

Sing Up

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial art characterized by high, spinning kicks and fast kicking techniques. It is also an Olympic sport, and competitions are held under two main categories: Poomsae (Patterns), and Kyorugi (Sparring). It is great for training strength, flexibility, and agility, as well as developing characters like discipline, respect, and teamwork.

Sing Up

Pencak Silat is an ancient martial art stemming from the Malay Archipelago and Indonesian islands. It incorporates unarmed combat as well as weapons training. It is practiced in over 60 countries globally and competitions are regularly held. Coming Soon!


ActiveSG Outdoor Adventure Club

Looking for a fun day out with your friends or family? Why not join the ActiveSG Outdoor Adventure Club where you can sign up a suite of activities every month for both adults and youths to participate together.
Participants can get to experience activities such as orienteering, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking or one can acquire valuable outdoor survival skills such as map reading, knot tying, and tent building.

In addition to having lots of fun while bonding with one another, outdoor activities can also inculcate in your child essential life values such as teamwork, ruggedness, and character. The outdoor adventure will not only help your child become healthier but can also help him or her become a more confident and resilient individual.


ActiveSG Tennis Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with Voyager Tennis Academy from Sydney, Australia to help enhance the quality of tennis programs at its venues throughout Singapore. To be henceforth known as the ActiveSG Tennis Academy Powered by Voyager, the Academy will offer a comprehensive pathway of development for beginners right the way through to elite players who compete at the highest level in Singapore and abroad.

Voyager was co-founded by Ryan Henry and Luke Bourgeois, 2 former professional players with the aim of creating life-enhancing opportunities for its students through tennis. The multi-award-winning tennis academy began in Sydney in 2011 and has a very successful track record in providing a pathway and programs to develop nationally ranked players who progress onto achieving U.S. College scholarships or the professional tour. Ethan Lye, one of the top-ranked junior players in Singapore, has been training at Voyager for the past five years along with several of Singapore’s top juniors who have experienced the Voyager programs in Sydney, Australia.


ActiveSG Volleyball Academy

ActiveSG Volleyball Academy (AVA) aims to build a strong base and foundation of volleyball by providing more opportunities to learn to play for kids and youth, and also imparting lifelong values such as honor, teamwork, and respect.

We now provide an opportunity to learn and enjoy playing volleyball at an early age for development and growth. From fundamental movement skills to volleyball specific skills, the program is designed to be challenging and exciting. Your child will be greatly equipped with the technical, physical, and mental skills of the game to further enjoy and compete at a higher level.
Fill up the Volleyball Interest Form HERE!


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