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Artisan’s Garden

The Artisan’s Garden was once the site of the craftsmen’s workshop and living quarters in the 14th century

Artisan's Garden Singapore fort Canning Park

Craftsmen who enjoyed royal patronage lived and worked here, making fine goods for the residents on this hill.
This ancient artisans’ workshop was also one of the few palatial areas open to non-royals. It was located here on the lower eastern slope to be accessible to commoners as other sides of the hill were surrounded by forests and salt marshes.
Today, the space is one of the last archaeological dig sites that has been retained in Singapore. Visitors can explore the refreshed interpretive space to better appreciate what the site used to be, as well as learn about the archaeological excavations and their findings on Fort Canning. There is also a decked activity space that will regularly host archaeology-related workshops.

Park lighting hours: 7 pm to 7 am @Fort Canning Park
Free Admission

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