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List of Facebook Groups for Maids/FDWs in Singapore

List of Facebook Groups for Maids:FDWs in Singapore

All About Singapore – House Managers

A group for domestic helpers in Singapore to directly connect them to locals/expats without charging any fees, as well as for locals/expats looking for recommendations.

The group is moderated by the team at ExpatSG and advertising/spam-free.

BabySitter / Helpers Jobs in Singapore ONLY ( Selling / Blessing)

We have decided to create another section for selling and blessing ONLY baby and kids items. sharing of live video is acceptable but I’ll only approve life which is dealing with baby and kids items.

direct hire /transfer helper in Singapore

This group help many Indonesian to get jobs in Singapore
Whether direct or through the agency, 100% real.

Expats , Helpers and SPASS Singapore

EXPATS, HELPERS, and SPASS Singapore is a PORTAL where FRESH, EX ABROAD, EX SINGAPORE, TRANSFER HELPERS, EMPLOYERS, and JOB HUNTERS connect to find each other and vice versa.

Maid Singapore Direct Hire

More than 200,000 maids are currently working in Singapore. We have created this group to help people easily connect and start the hiring process. We provide tips and allow job seekers to find a new employer.

Pembantu Indonesia Singapore, Indonesia maid in Singapore

This group was created to help Indonesian helper friends who need information about MOM regulations, employer and helper relations, and also help friends who want to work in Singapore, transfer or finished contracts, and find new employers.

Part-time Helper/ Cleaner/maid in singapore

Feel free to post here if you’re looking for a part-time cleaner or ad-hoc job in Singapore!!

Part Time Maid / Part Time Helper/ House Cleaning/

Feel free to post here if you’re looking for a part-time cleaner or ad-hoc job in Singapore (cleaning service platform) !!

SHEG.Singapore MAID Jobs & Advocacy, Fee/Deduction NOT allowed, DIRECT HIRE

This SHEG.MAID.SG group is a SELF-HELP group for the Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) or Domestic Helpers (DH) to help each other with advice, information and advocacy.

Singapore caregivers, babysitters, nannies, eldercare, home nurses

This is a free public group for parents and families to connect with various home care service providers, including babysitters, nannies, elder-caregivers, home nurses, etc. Please post your requests or/and services to connect with the community, thank you!

Singapore direct/transfer helpers

a Filipino helper in Singapore who is looking for an employer/transfer for their convenience.

Singapore Direct Hire / Transfer helpers (maids)

The main purpose of this group is to connect Foreign Domestic Workers/helpers to find employers or vice versa. This group is meant for individuals who are based in Singapore or seeking jobs in Singapore.

Singapore Domestic Helpers/ Maids / FDW

Singapore Domestic Helpers/Maids/FDW is a Facebook group for employers and helpers to find employment and helpers.
Employers of Singapore Domestic Helpers/Maids/FDW are all invited.

Singapore Expat Helpers

This group is for helpers who are working for Expat families in Singapore. It is an open forum where you can discuss issues, give and receive advice and learn from each other. This group is a place where you can learn about working for Expats in Singapore and discuss employment issues.

Singapore Expat Helpers – Direct Hire and Transfers

This group is intended for both helpers and employers in Singapore. If you are looking for a helper, or are a helper looking for a new employer in Singapore, please feel free to join. You can directly hire here, or if you need help with your paperwork or hiring, please contact the moderators.

Singapore FDW and Employer – Direct Hiring

A group created to connect employers and foreign domestic workers directly. We are also an Agency to help out with the documentation needed if there is assistance needed both in Singapore and the Philippines.

Singapore transfer helpers (maids) direct hire

The main purpose of this group is to connecting maids/nannies to employers who need them or vice versa. The group is meant for individuals who are based in Singapore.

Singapore transfer helpers (maids) direct hire

Singapore Transfer Maid (No Loan)

We post FULL and detailed profiles of Employers and Helpers.
If you wish to interview a Helper or be interviewed by an Employer, feel free to comment under the profile of your choice and we will try our best to arrange for you.

Transfer Maids (Singapore)

This group is for Transfer Maids and Employers only. NO SALARY DEDUCTION. NO TRANSFER FEE.

Foreign domestic worker levy in Singapore

Foreign Domestic Worker Levy

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