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What do I do if my Helper gets Pregnant?

What do I do if my Helper gets Pregnant in Singapore

Say you find out that your helper of 3 years is pregnant. What do you do now?

Each year in Singapore, around 100 helpers report becoming pregnant. This is often discovered during the bi-annual health check-ups domestic helpers have to undergo every six months.

According to Singaporean law put forth by the Ministry of Manpower, as an employer, you are obliged to report the pregnancy via iSubmit on the MOM website. The pregnancy impacts your helper’s Work Permit status unless she is legally married to a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident, in which case she is exempt given government permission.

In the unlikely event that your helper falls pregnant, you will have to submit the name of your helper, her work permit number, a doctor’s letter confirming the pregnancy and expected delivery date, and the citizenship of your helper’s spouse, if applicable to the iSubmit portal. You may also email the details to [email protected]. Following the report to the MOM, you will have to terminate the contract and purchase a ticket for your helper to be sent home.

The security deposit bond that is held by the MOM in the duration of your helper’s contract will not be forfeited in the event of your helper’s pregnancy. However, failing to purchase a ticket home for her after the termination of the contract may result in losing the bond.

Some employers who discover their helper’s pregnancy prior to their bi-annual health check have opted to arrange private abortions out-of-pocket. Due to the fear of losing their employment, many maids also opt for at-home drug-induced abortions. Both options are difficult and may put your helper at undue risk.
The best way to combat unwanted pregnancies is through prevention. Many NGOs in Singapore have been petitioning for better sex education and birth control measures to be implemented for FDWs. One way to help the cause is to have an open and honest conversation with your helper at the commencement of the contract, educating her on safe sex and the repercussions of pregnancy on her employment.

Starting this conversation may be hard, so it is important to establish trust early on with your helper.

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