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Embassy of Italy in Singapore

Ambasciata d'Italia a Singapore

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Camera di Commercio Italiana a Singapore

Italian Association of Singapore

Singapore Italian Association

Comites Singapore

Comitato Degli Italiani All'estero

Italian Business Center

Italian Trade & Investment Agency


Italian Cultural Centre


Saturday, 19 November 2022 @ Singapore Indoor Stadium


HEIGHT 170 CM | WEIGHT LIMIT 56.6 KG | TEAM Kick and Punch Milano
Expat.Guide Thailand Flag


HEIGHT 168 CM | WEIGHT LIMIT 61.2 KG l TEAM Jitmuangnon Gym

JeweLuxe 2022

The most iconic luxury jewellery fair in Singapore since 2017

Italian Jewellers @ JeweLuxe

Annamaria Cammilli

Booth S10-11 | 26 – 30 Oct
Annamaria Cammilli, renowned for her creations of fluid shapes and movements, brings to life the butterfly in the Bon Ton collection, reminiscent of the elated tremor of first love. The precious sensory of first love, its fluttering delirium and sweet resonance, simply unforgettable.


Booth S07 | 26 – 30 Oct
The house of Leonori Gioielli, established in 1962, has stayed true to its founding ethos: selecting only the best gemstones, crafted almost entirely by hand, and honouring Italy’s jewellery-making traditions. Now helmed by a new generation, Leonori is poised to enter a new era that converges heritage and modernity, bringing conceptual design and contemporary fashion sensibilities to inspire and guide the brand bravely forward.

Nanis (Italy)

Booth S10-11
Love is like a raindrop, a rapture of bliss, a burst of exhilaration. Nanis rewrites shapes and details in 18K gold with a whimsical, romantic edge, set ablaze with diamonds and coloured gems. The intoxication of love at first sight embodied in dainty expressions of vibrant colours.

Paolo Costagli

Booth S24 | 21 – 25 Oct
Paolo Costagli is renowned for its modern and distinctly bold designs, augmented with the creativity and technical expertise of its founder. Clean geometrics, an acute attention to proportions and unique colour combinations are a nod to the Italian landscape and architectural details of his upbringing in Florence and Venice. Paolo is recognised as an icon in modern high jewellery with his signature Brillante creation on permanent display at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Rota e Rota

Booth S06 | 21 – 30 Oct
Born of passion and creativity, Rota e Rota is the result of Floriano and Gianni Rota’s quest for inimitable design and perfect shapes, which they derive from the fusion of the highest quality stones and diamonds set in a spectrum of gilded colours. The brand is known today around the world, and distributed in the most exclusive boutiques. In these spectacular collections, tradition and innovation come together in their creations of high jewellery.


Booth S23 | 21 – 25 Oct
From their origins as specialists in interior mosaics, SICIS is now stunning the world with their jewellery offerings, highlighting their expertise through the incorporation of micromosaics. Carefully selected stones, chosen for their perfect shapes, are set with absolute mastery in precious metals, creating sensational jewellery masterpieces that catch the light for a mesmerising effect.

Utopia Jewels

Booth S02 | 21 – 25 Oct
Utopia was born from a desire to reinterpret pearl jewellery, allowing women the opportunity to wear these “gems of the seas” in a modern, unconventional fashion, free from the old preconceptions of pearls. By merging tradition techniques with avant-garde technology and design, Utopia sculpts an unmistakable identity with each piece created, imbuing them with a universe of inspirations: nature, with its shapes and colours, art, architecture and design in history


Booth C0-04 | 21 – 30 Oct
Founded in 1972 by Davide Zybert, ZYDO is today one of the most respected brands in the industry, continuously producing one of a kind, high quality jewellery in Italy, for a clientele that includes high profile individuals, world-renowned celebrities and royal families. ZYDO collections are timeless, yet always evolving with time, and the brand guarantees that each piece will remain forever cherished and lasting for generations to come.

Singapore Watch Fair 2022

A congregation of visionaries in the watchmaking industry; a panorama of savior faire by the best, showcasing and championing their manifestations of haute horology.
Free admission

Vincent Calabrese @ Singapore Watch Fair

Italian Supplementary School

Scuola Italiana Singapore

Singapore Italian School

Italian Language School

Italian Restaurants in Singapore

Expat.Guide Hairdreams Couture Salon Siongapore

Hairdreams Couture Salon

At Hairdreams, every stylist has been educated by European master trainers, offering a wide range of services and specialise in the art of natural hair extensions.

Comunità Cattolica Italiana a Singapore

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Rome

Ambasciata della Repubblica di Singapore a Rome
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