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What is a Milk Cleanser and Should You Be Using One? 

Although facial cleansers are designed to remove dirt, grime, and other impurities, they shouldn’t strip the skin.

What is a Milk Cleanser and Should You Be Using One Cutis Medical Laser Clinics Singapore 

If your face feels “squeaky clean” after cleansing, it is a sign that has been stripped of its natural oil barrier that helps maintain the skin’s integrity. This can then leave the skin feeling dry and tight, resulting in a dull appearance.
Switching to a gentler formula like milk cleansers can help you avoid irritation and that “squeaky clean” feeling. They gently remove dirt and impurities, while also soothing and protecting your skin. Milk cleansers are also non-lathering and moisturizing, so they won’t leave the skin feeling tight or dry after cleansing. 

What is a milk cleanser? 

A milk cleanser is a light, gentle cleanser made from a natural emulsion of fats and water. It effectively cleanses the skin without stripping off its moisture or natural oils. Milk cleansers rely on lightweight oils and emollients, instead of exfoliating beads or foaming agents to get rid of dirt, makeup, and impurities.
While it is called a “milk” cleanser, it does not contain any milk. It got its name due to its thinner, milky look and texture. It is suitable for those with normal, dry, and sensitive skin types. Those with oily or acne-prone skin are better off with something stronger to calm or fight those breakouts.

  • What are the benefits of milk cleansers?
  • Cleanse the skin without stripping its natural moisture
  • Leave you with a clean, fresh feeling without tightness or dryness
  • Soothe and nourish the skin
  • Ideal for normal, dry, and sensitive skin types

Why you should be using a gentle cleanser

If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is easy to strip its natural oils by using a harsh cleanser or over-cleansing. Making the switch to a gentler formula can help effectively remove dirt and impurities without leaving your skin feeling dry and tight. Here are other reasons for switching to a gentler formula like a milk cleanser: 

  • Avoid damage to the skin barrier – Harsh formulas can disrupt the skin’s barrier function, making it more susceptible to damage. Milk cleansers, meanwhile, don’t strip the skin but help it stay protected. 
  • Prevent skin dullness – Gentle cleansers help the skin stay balanced, without weakening its natural barrier. This can help prevent dullness and associated skin issues.
  • Avoid dry and irritated skin – Harsh cleansers can remove dirt and grime, but they also leave your skin tight and irritated. This isn’t going to be a problem with gentle cleansers, as they are delicate on the skin, and even calm irritation. 
  • Soft and clean feeling – With gentle cleansers, you won’t have to worry about your skin feeling tight or painful after washing. Gentler formulas like milk cleansers leave the skin soft and clean instead of stripped.

What we recommend

Considering making the switch? We recommend Dr Sylvia Skin Care Gentle Milk Cleanser. This fragrance-free formula thoroughly cleanses the skin without irritating it or stripping away the skin’s protective moisture barrier. It has a milky texture that works to emulsify dirt, oil, and impurities. 

  • Has replenishing emollients that can relieve dryness and irritation
  • Nourishes, soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Helps relieve dryness and flaking, and stimulates healing 
  • Calms and comforts dry, irritated skin
  • Ideal for dry, sensitive skin types and after professional treatments

Article by Dr Sylvia Ramirez from Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, an award-winning medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

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