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World Of Plants at Gardens by the Bay

World Of Plants at Garden by the Bay

Explore A Beautiful Botanical World That’s Intriguing And Always Full Of Surprises

Discover something new around every corner at the World of Plants. Venture into this realm of lush greenery and learn all about the spectacular myriad of tropical plants and the systems these plants support.

Open daily | 5 am – 2 am | Free admission | Gardens by the Bay


At the Secret Life of Trees, discover all about the variety of swaying green giants that thrive in Singapore, and learn about the challenges they face to survive in tropical countries.


Meet a colorful array of tropical lowland palms, each with its unique form, shape, and stature at the World of Palms. And find out more about the many uses of the incredibly versatile plant-like shelter, fiber, fruit, starch, and even oil.


They thrive in dark, damp conditions and often go unnoticed, but decomposers actually play a vital role in ecology. At the Understorey, find out all about how these amazing organisms break down fallen leaves, twigs and flowers to produce much-needed nutrients for the ecosystem.


Take a walk amongst an amazing variety of colorful flowers and fruits, enjoy the sweet scent of blossoms in season and check out the tantalizing array of fruits growing in abundance in this charming garden.


Take in the impressive sight of life-sized topiary animals such as the orang-utan, pangolin, and hornbill that have been woven from fig. The garden also features a variety of fig species such as the Broad Leaf Fig (Ficus auriculata) and Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis).


Plants have their own stories to tell, some spanning over 500 million years of history. As you explore Discovery, lookout for some of the oldest evolved plants in the world, including the rare Multipinnate Cycas (Cycas debaoensis) and Chinese Desmos (Desmos Chinensis).

Sun Pavilion at Garden by the Bay

Sun Pavilion at Gardens by the Bay

Online Exhibition in Singapore

Online Exhibition in Singapore