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Apply for a Work Permit for a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

Apply For a Work Permit For Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

You can apply for a Work Permit for a foreign domestic worker (FWD) either on your own or through an employment agency.

You also need to take certain steps to prepare for your worker’s arrival.

At a glance

Who can apply: Employer, sponsor, or authorized employment agent (EA).
How much it costs:
When you submit the application: $35 for each pass
When you get the pass issued: $35 for each pass
How long it takes
FDW eService: within 1 week, unless more information is required.
Application form: within 3 weeks for most cases.

Steps for applying

Employer or employment agent (EA)
Submit an application: In-principle approval or rejection letter
Prepare for FDW’s arrival: Security bond, insurance, etc.
Get the permit issued: Temporary Work Permit
Receive the card: Work Permit card
Register fingerprints and photo (if required): Acknowledgment of card delivery

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Check card delivery status
Make an appointment
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Check with the FDW’s embassy on whether there are additional requirements for her to leave her countries, such as a visa or overseas government letter.
If you are hiring a second FDW, you need to meet the criteria.
If you are hiring a transfer FDW, find out what you need to do.
If you are married, you and your spouse can combine your incomes when applying for a Work Permit.
Low-income employers or senior citizens living alone may be able to apply under a special scheme.
You can consider part-time help with household chores as an alternative to hiring a helper.

Source: Ministry of Manpower



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