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Islands of Singapore

Hantu Island (Pulau Hantu)

Brani Island

Pulau Brani is an island located off the southern coast of Singapore, near Keppel Harbour. The island is situated between the main island of Singapore and the resort island of Sentosa and is linked to the mainland via Brani Terminal Avenue. The area of Pulau Brani is 1.22 square kilometers.

Bukom Island

Located 5.5 km southwest of mainland Singapore, the offshore island of Pulau Bukom (also spelled “Bukum”) houses an integrated oil and petrochemicals site with manufacturing facilities for fuels, lubricant base oils, and specialty chemicals. It was known as Pulau Bukom Besar until 1995 when “Besar” was officially dropped from its name. Due to successive development and land reclamation works, the petrochemical complex presently spans the cluster of islands that include Bukom Besar, Bukom Kechil, Pulau Ular, and Pulau Busing.
Oil-refinery hub. Off-limits to public.

Coney Island – Pulau Serangoon

Besides being rich in history, Coney Island Park houses a wide variety of habitats, including coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. It is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, some of which are critically endangered. Some plants at the park are presumed nationally extinct in the wild.
How to get there: From Punggol interchange, take bus 84 to Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement. Walkabout 500m east along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk to get to Coney Island Park West Entrance.
Park Size: 81 hectares
Park opening hours: 7 am to 7 pm (Gates will be closed at 7 pm)
Nearby Parks/Park Connectors: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterway and Lorong Halus Park Connector
Accessibility: Barrier Free Access and Wheelchair accessible at the East and West ends. Cycling is allowed along the main path, except the boardwalk.
Specific Do’s and Don’ts: Camping is not allowed, Fishing is not allowed. Do not feed the monkeys, or hold any plastic bag and water bottle when visiting the park. Do not enter the park during inclement weather.
Things To Do: Bird Watching, Cycling, Nature Photography, Nature Walks. Photographers are encouraged to hashtag #nparksbuzz when sharing photos.

Hantu Island (Pulau Hantu)

Pulau Hantu is located to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. Pulau Hantu is actually made up of two islets: Pulau Hantu Besar and Pulau Hantu Kecil, with a total area of 12.6 hectares.
Distance from Singapore: 25 km
Things To Do: Island Walking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Coral Reefs, Camping
How To Reach: Ferries. There are no public ferries to reach the island. You can do by charter boats at the West Coast Ferry Terminal.

Jong Island

Pulau Jong or Junk Island is a 6,000 square meters conical island about 6 kilometers off the southern coast of Singapore. The small island lies north of Pulau Sebarok and the former Pulau Sakeng. The island is uninhabited, undeveloped, and largely inaccessible.

Ketam Island

Ketam Island is Part of Pulau Ubin, The island today has lost much of its mangrove forest habitats due to factors such as shore erosion, wave energy and forced clearance to make way for fish farm facilities and artificial ponds. Although fish farms are no longer there, an aquaculture business is thriving on the southern edge of the island.

Keppel Island

Keppel Island is a small private island located in the precinct of HarbourFront in Bukit Merah, Singapore. The island is largely flat, situated in the northern part of Keppel Bay, between Singapore’s main island and the island of Sentosa.

Kusu Island

Kusu Island is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore, located about 5.6 kilometers to the south of the main island of Singapore and below the Singapore Straits. “Kusu” means “Tortoise Island” or “Turtle Island” in Hokkien; the island is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay.
How to Get There: Ferries depart from Marina South Pier daily. Tickets Ferries: $15 – $18
Things To Do: Visit Chinese Temple, Watch Tortoises, Picnic, Swimming.

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island, previously known as Pulau Sakijang Pelepah, it translates literally to “Island of One Barking Deer and Palms” from Malay. As there are no direct ferries to Lazarus Island, visitors can catch the scheduled ferry services from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island and take a 15 to 20-minute walk over to Lazarus Island via a man-made causeway to enjoy the beautiful beach.
How To Reach: By Ferries.
Things To Do: Suntanning, Picnics, Swimming

Palawan Island

Pulau Palawan, also known as Palawan Island, is a slipper-shaped islet located just off the southwestern coast of Sentosa, south of Singapore. It lies approximately opposite Beach Station of the Sentosa Express monorail system, which is between Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach.

Pawai Island

Pulau Pawai, also known as Alligator Island during the colonial times, is a 182,000-square-metre island located within the Singapore Armed Forces Live Firing Area. It is located off the southwestern coast of Singapore, between Pulau Sudong to its north and Pulau Satumu to its south.
Islands for Military Use

Pedra Branca

Pedra Branca is an outlying island and also the easternmost point of Singapore. The name means “white rock” in Portuguese, and refers to whitish guano deposited on the rock. The island consists of a small outcrop of granite rocks with an area of about 8,560 square meters.
Off-limits to public.

Pulau Bajau

The Western Water Catchment is a planning area located in the West Region of Singapore. The planning area borders Tuas and Pioneer to its south, Sungei Kadut, Choa Chu Kang and Tengah to its east, Jurong West to its southeast, Lim Chu Kang to its north and the Straits of Johor to its west.
SAF live-firing areas. Off-limits to public

Pulau Damar Laut

Pulau Damar Laut is an island located in the southwest of the main island of Singapore, north of Jurong. It extends over approximately 1.3  km in length for an approximate width of 770  m and includes industrial establishments, port equipment of the port of Singapore.
Major oil-refinery hub. Off-limits to public.

Pulau Khatib Bongsu

Pulau Khatib Bongsu is an island located north of the main island of Singapore. Multitudes of islets linked together by narrow canals, it is a mangrove- type nature reserve whose outlines are blurred. Approximately, it extends 1.7  km in length for a width of about 1.4  km

Pulau Malang Siajar

Pulau Malang Siajar is an island located north of the main island of Singapore. Completely desert and rocky, it stretches for about 100  m in length for an approximate width of 75m.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is an island northeast of mainland Singapore. Cycle trails and footpaths criss-cross the hills, going past disused granite quarries and traditional kampongs (villages). Kingfishers and bulbul birds inhabit the tidal flats and mangroves of the Chek Jawa Wetlands. The Jejawi observation tower and a looped boardwalk offer views of this area. Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple houses statues of local deities.
Pulau Ubin’s original name in Malay, Pulau Batu Jubin, means “Granite Stone Island”.The island was known for its granite quarries, but these are now inactive and have become scenic viewpoints.
How To Reach: The ride takes ten minutes and costs $4 per person ($2 extra if you are bringing your bicycle) each way. There is no scheduled departure time to and from as bumboats set off only when there are 9 to 12 passengers. Please confirm the fare with the bumboat operator.
Things to bring: Insect Repellent, Sunblock, Water, Raincoat/Umbrella, Cash (only cash payments are accepted), Cap, Fishing rod, Good walking shoes.
Things To Do: Cycling, Camping, Fishing, Climbing Puaka Hill, Chek Jawa Wetlands.

Pulau Salu

Pulau Salu is located to the south of Jurong Island and to the north of Pulau Sudong. The island is a popular diving area, its have freshwater dive, Good coral growth spread over a large area, with rich marine to be seen.

Pulau Samulun

Pulau Samulun is an offshore island in Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore. It is separated from mainland Singapore by Selat Samulun. It is only less than a kilometer away from Singapore mainland. Jurong Shipyard is located in Pulau Samulun and it also houses a food center that caters to the workers working there.

Pulau Sarimbun

Pulau Sarimbun (previously also spelled Pulau Serimbun or Pulau Srimbun) is a small island situated in the Straits of Johor, off the north-western coast of Singapore. Located within Singapore waters, it has an area of 1.4 hectares.
SAF live-firing areas. Off-limits to public.

Pulau Sebarok

Sebarok Island is is a 46.8-ha island off the southern coastline of Singapore, and its Singapore’s first floating oil storage terminal, each with a storage capacity of 5.29 million cubic feet (150,000 cubic meters). The property features large oil storage tanks with dedicated pipeline systems, pumps, roadways, and ancillary buildings that have been purpose-built by the lessees.
Oil-refinery hub. Off-limits to public

Pulau Seking

Now linked to Pulau Pulau Semakau to form Semakau Landfill, Pulau Seking (also known as Pulau Sakeng or Siking) is one of the islands off Singapore’s south coast. It was home to the last Southern island kampong (village) community, before the islanders were resettled to make way for the development of a landfill.

Pulau Seletar

Pulau Seletar is an island situated in the Straits of Johor off the northern coast of Singapore. Located within Singapore waters, it has an area of 38.5 hectare. It lies within a bay into which several streams flow, including the waters of mainland Singapore’s only hot spring.

Pulau Semechek

Pulau Semechek is an island located northeast of the main island of Singapore. Located between Pulau Tekong and Pulau Tekong Kechil, rising meter, it served to establish a passage of about 500  m between the two islands,
Part of Tekong Island

Pulau Sekudu

Pulau Sekudu, or Frog Island, is an islet located just off Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin, Singapore. It lies in the Serangoon Harbour opposite Changi. Despite its proximity, it is only reachable by boat, even at low tides. One can see the islet directly opposite the Chek Jawa Visitor Centre.

Pulau Seringat

Pulau Seringat is an island off the south coast of Singapore, and part of the Southern Islands region. Part of Lasarus Island

Pulau Seringat kecil

Part of Lasarus Island & Pulau Seringat

Pulau Pergam

Pulau Pegram is a small Forrest island on the western coast of Singapore. Limit to casual visitors because the island is Live Firing Area of the Lim Chu Kang Restricted/Reserve Area.
SAF live-firing areas. Off-limits to public.

Pulau Unum

Unum Island is small island north coast of Pulau Tekong, The island is forested and uninhabited. Due to it being in the vicinity of Pulau Tekong.

Satumu Island 

Pulau Satumu is a small island to the south of the main Singapore island, and the southernmost island of Singapore. The Raffles Lighthouse is located on the island. The island’s name means “One Tree” in archaic Malay.
Off-limits to public.

Senang Island

Pulau Senang is one of Singapore’s southern islands. Its land area is about 81.7 ha, and it is located 24 km from the mainland. Now a military live-firing zone, Pulau Senang is famous for being a penal settlement from 1960 to 1963. The prison-without-bars experiment ended after some of the inmates started a violent revolt that led to the deaths of the superintendent and two attendants.
Islands for Military Use

St. John’s Island

Saint John’s Island, previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore. It is located approximately 6.5 km to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. It is accessible be taken by a boat from Marina South Pier.
How To Reach: By Ferries.
Things To Do: Suntanning, Picnics, Swimming

Sisters’ Islands

Sisters’ Islands are two of the Southern Islands in Singapore and are located to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. It can be taken by a boat from Marina South Pier or West Coast Pier.
How to get there: Visitors can charter their own boat from West Coast Pier or Marina South Pier to visit Big Sister’s Island. Private boat charters can drop passengers off at the jetty (no berthing allowed).
Size: 40 hectares
Opening Hours: Big Sisters’ Island (Pulau Sabar Laut) is open to the public from 7 am – 7 pm on a daily basis. All other areas within the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park (Small Sisters’ Island and the reefs along the western coast of St John’s Island and Pulau Tekukor) will be zoned strictly for conservation and research, and will not be open to the public.
Dos and Don’ts at the Marine Park: No Camping. No Barbeques. No Fishing. No entry of vessels into the lagoon.
Things To Do: Dive Trails
To encourage a deeper appreciation for Singapore’s marine biodiversity, NParks has developed Singapore’s first Dive Trail located at Pulau Subar Laut or the Big Sister’s Island, Sisters’ Islands Marine Park.

Sudong Island

Pulau Sudong is a 209-hectare coral island off the southern coast of Singapore. It was enlarged through a land reclamation process during the late 1970s.
Islands for Military Use

Sultan Shoal Island

The Sultan Shoal Lighthouse was built in 1895 during the time when the late Commander Charles Quentin Gregan Craufurd was the Master Attendant of Singapore. It was built to replace the beacon previously established there. Three single-wick lamps fitted with parabolic reflectors were used.
Off-limits to public.

Tekong Island

Pulau Tekong, also known colloquially as Tekong, is the second-largest of Singapore’s outlying islands, with an area of 24.43 km². The island is still expanding due to land reclamation works on its southern and northwestern coasts which will eventually subsume many of its surrounding small islets, including the 89-hectare (220-acre) Pulau Tekong Kechil. Transport to the island is by SAF Changi Ferry Terminal.
Things To Do: Eat at the Cookhouse, Visit the refurbished medical center, Meet The Rarest Cats, Catch the Sunrise, Affordable $2 haircuts.
Islands for Military Use

Tekukor Island

Pulau Tekukor is one of the Southern Islands of Singapore. The island was also known as Pulau Penyabong. It is also the site of a former ammunition dump. There have been proposals to turn the island into a residential area, resort, or eco-park (Monkey Island).

Violin Island (Pulau Biola)

Pulau Biola is a small 0.4-hectare island located off the southwestern coast of Singapore, between Pulau Senang to its north and Pulau Satumu to its south. It is one of the famous diving spots in Singapore, and it has a wide variety of corals and other marine organisms.

Artificial islands

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden is a park in Jurong East, Singapore. Built in 1975 by the JTC Corporation and designed by Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, an architect from Taiwan, the Chinese Garden’s concept is based on Chinese gardening art. The main characteristic is the integration of architectural features with the natural environment.

Coral Island

Coral Island, the 17,153 sq m piece of land, the size of four football fields, waterfront development on the east coast of the southern island. Coral Island is surrounded by a 40m to 60m water channel and is linked to the Sentosa ‘mainland’ by a road.

Jurong Island

Jurong Island is an island located to the southwest of the main island of Singapore. It was formed from the amalgamation of seven offshore islands, the islands of Pulau Ayer Chawan, Pulau Ayer Merbau, Pulau Merlimau, Pulau Pesek, Pulau Pesek Kechil (also called Terumbu Pesek), Pulau Sakra (which was a previous merger of Pulau Sakra and Pulau Bakau), Pulau Seraya, Pulau Meskol, Pulau Mesemut Laut, Pulau Mesemut Darat, and Anak Pulau. This was done through Singapore’s land reclamation efforts. Land reclamation on Jurong Island was completed on 25 September 2009, 20 years earlier than scheduled. Pulau Buaya was joined to Jurong Island via reclamation in 2010. Jurong Island forms a land area of about 32 km2 (12 sq mi) from an initial area of less than 10 km2 (4 sq mi) and is the largest of Singapore’s outlying islands.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island @ Sentosa Cove is located on the beautiful tropical paradise in Sentosa Cove. Designed originally as a tourist destination, Sentosa has just recently been transformed into a residential area by developing the high-class Sentosa Cove. Located within Sentosa Cove is Paradise Island, and it couldn’t be more aptly named.

Pearl Island

Covering over 117 hectares, Pearl Island Singapore is located in Sentosa Cove, Prestigiously commanding views of Tanjong Beach and the Sentosa Golf Club.

Sandy Island

Then came the birthplace of Sentosa Cove, which is the first and only Sentosa location that sports residential living. Among one of the most prestigious places to live is Sandy Island @ Sentosa Cove.

Semakau Island

Pulau Semakau is located to the south of the main island of Singapore, off the Straits of Singapore. The Semakau Landfill is located on the eastern side of the island, and was created by the amalgamation of Pulau Sakeng, and “anchored” to Pulau Semakau.
Things To Do: Nature walk

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Singapore is considered one of the most upscale Sentosa Cove houses throughout all of Sentosa Cove.

Former islands

Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, lying south of Java, Indonesia. A national park covers most of the 135-sq-km island, offering rainforest hikes to wetlands and waterfalls like Hugh’s Dale. Native wildlife includes nesting seabirds and the red crab, a land species known for its late-fall migration to the sea. The island is ringed with snorkeling and diving reefs.
Sovereignty transferred to Australia in 1957

Cocos (Keeling) Islands

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a remote territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. Its 2 coral atolls comprise 27 tiny islands with white­-sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons. West Island has an airport and a visitor centre. Across the lagoon, the Home Island Museum explores the culture of the resident Cocos Malay people. To the north, the isolated Pulu Keeling National Park has bird colonies and a shipwreck.
Sovereignty transferred to Australia in 1955

Pulau Saigon

Pulau Saigon (alternatively spelled as Pulo Saigon) was a small island in the Singapore River. It used to be located between the banks of Robertson Quay.
Added to the southern bank of the Singapore River in the late 20th century

Pulau Selugu & Pulau Renggis

Southern Islands, Now part of Sentosa

Pulau Buaya
Pulau Sakra
Pulau Bakau
Pulau Ayer Chawan
Pulau Ayer Merbau
Pulau Merlimau
Pulau Pesek
Pulau Pesek Kechil
Pulau Seraya
Pulau Meskol
Pulau Mesemut Laut
Pulau Mesemut Darat
Anak Pulau

Western Islands, Now part of Jurong Island

Pulau Busing

Pulau Busing is an island located off the southwestern coast of Singapore, north of Pulau Hantu and west of Pulau Bukom. The island is occupied by Tank store Ltd, a petroleum storage company. The land area of 2.5 hectares before reclamation has seen major land reclamation to its southern shores.
Now part of Pulau Bukom

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