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Kids Water Playground at Singapore Sports Hub

Amidst the running tracks, skate parks and indoor climbing courses lies a children’s wonderland.

All About Sports and Fitness Singapore Kids Water Playground at Singapore Sports Hub

Daily | 8 am – 10 pm | Singapore Sports Hub @Kids Water Playground | Free Entry

The rooftop of the Hub’s precinct is home to Kallang’s most well-loved Kids Water Playground.
Situated on the third floor of Kallang Wave Mall, this kid-friendly escape can be easily spotted from afar, owing to its vibrant colourful slides and whimsical ‘aquatecture’.

Open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, the open-aired water play area makes it a perfect oasis for your little ones to cool off and beat the humid, hot weather! Here, you and your family can splash, slide and swim as you look over the beauty of the city skyline.

The Kids Water Playground is split into two distinctive play zones, a Kids Pool and Water Play Area. From the shallow pools for the little ones to the spiralling slides that spell total fun, the Kids Water Playground is everything your child wants.

Kids Pool

The Kids pool measures just 0.6m in depth which makes it very comfortable and safe for the average 4 to 5-year-olds to take a dip in. The cool waters of the wading pool also feature a carousel of yellow bucket seats by the corner for toddlers making it the perfect spot to practice their swimming kicks as they splash their feet in the water!

The extensive pool space allows children to move about freely and explore to their heart’s content while enjoying the occasional splash from the hanging bucket swings. Especially for toddlers and young children who are comfortable in the water, this designated splash zone in the water playground will be a refreshing way to keep them entertained! With friendly and helpful lifeguards on duty, you can be confident that your child is in good hands while they’re busy exploring all the fun things this play zone has to offer! Do note, however, that it’s compulsory for kids under the age of 5 have to be within arms reach of an adult.

Water Play Area

The other major section of the park is the Water Play Area, which is entirely devoted to a two-storey water playground for the bold-spirited, adventure seekers. The area boasts whimsical ‘aquatecture’ with colourful slides of various heights, water jets and sprays.

The free play area consists of different colourful slides with varying options of height and speed for kids of different ages. Unlike other water playgrounds in Singapore, this sweet play area gives children and parents a mesmerising view of the downtown skyline, all while spending some quality time together. Besides the long tubular slides, the play area has interesting structural instalments of coconut trees and mushroom cap showers for that extra touch of whimsy and wonder for your little ones to dive into.

The sprays in the park also maintain gentle water pressure, ensuring that they’re easy on your child’s skin and safe to play with for kids of all ages. The walkway around the pool is surrounded by water sprinklers as well, so its’ all splashes when you’re at any part of this park. The sizeable play area makes it so that there’s plenty of room for your little ones to have fun, even if there’s a crowd. The kid-friendly features in this waterpark make this play area an ideal playground for some outdoor fun for all kids who love water activities!

There’s Something for Everyone

Besides having fun, convenience and safety are also key! Amenities such as the changing and shower facilities are conveniently located at nearby toilets on the same floor as the water playground. You can also find lockers located beside the information counter where you can store your personal belongings such as your wallet and an extra set of clothing before you begin riding the waves at the waterpark.

This way, you and your kids can comfortably enjoy a day of family fun with a peace of mind that your personal belongings are safe too! If you’re coming from the National Stadium, the waterpark can also be accessed from Gate 22 at the Stadium, located next to the mall. There are many restaurants located within the mall itself, so before you round up your trip, you can treat yourself to mouth-watering food after you’ve worked up an appetite from a full of fun-filled activities!

Stadium Boulevard Kallang, Singapore 271003

*As we reopen safely and responsibly for your usage, please take note of our following Safe Management Measures:

– Pre-booking for Kids Water Playground is required and available from 18 January 2021. Each booking is capped at 1 hour
– Limited to 8 patrons per hour
– A maximum of one accompanying adult is allowed per child
– Patrons not accompanying children are not permitted to enter the facility
– Proper swimwear must be worn at all times
– Hijood/burqini or other approved religious swimwear are permitted
 – Swimwear material should be colourfast and lightweight, such as lycra, spandex, polyester or nylon
– Inflatables or personal floatation devices are not allowed
– Actively supervise your children at all times and being able to provide immediate assistance
– Activity wristbands are to be collected in advance on activity day from the Information Counter at Splash-N-Surf
– Shower facilities will be available to Kids Water Playground patrons only
– Use contact tracing via SafeEntry with NRIC or QR code (applicable for all patrons aged 1 year old and above)
– Undergo temperature screening at entry point (applicable for all patrons aged 1 year old and above)
– Wear your face mask if you’re resting or not exercising intensively
– Avoid being in groups of more than 8 persons and observe safe distancing between individuals and groups
– Ensure you are not under a Quarantine Order or Stay-Home Notice

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