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  • Early Bird *until 31 May $55.00

    (Free Seating)

  • General Admission $65.00

    (Free Seating)

During lockdown everybody went within and their lives changed. Showko takes you on a hilarious ride from everyday life into her surreal world through Rakugo (Japanese sit-down comedy) and ventriloquism with her quirky handmade puppets. Expect to roll on the floor like sushi and laugh! Hugely entertaining and wonderfully offbeat.

A bit more about Showko:

Showko is arguably the world’s quirkiest and most original ventriloquist and Rakugo performer. Her real name is Ayako Ono but she was awarded the stage name Showko Showfukutei after completing a 3 year Rakugo apprenticeship. Rakugo is a 400 year old traditional form of Japanese comedy storytelling and – like martial arts – requires the apprentice to train under a master. The difference being that in martial arts you learn how to kick arse; in Rakugo you learn how to make someone laugh their arse off.

Born and raised in Japan, she is a Melbourne based Japanese comedian. Showko has lived and worked internationally in London, Edinburgh, Paris, L.A, Tokyo, Osaka, Australia and many more, performing at major comedy clubs, theaters, festivals, events and TV.

Armed with a sharp wit, a keen sense of kookiness and an adorable collection of hand-made puppets it’s no wonder Showko was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent and has her own special on Amazon Prime Video (US & UK).

Glam Adelaide
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"Absolutely hilarious and friggin’ fantastic!"
Herald Sun
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The Advertiser
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"Must see show…"
Great Scott
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"Quirky, charismatic and a little bit crazy."



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